America’s Got Talent Premiere Recap for 5/31/2022

America's Got Talent Premiere Recap for 5/31/2022

America’s Got Talent Premiere Recap for 5/31/2022

Act 1: The Pack Drumline (drumline act): This song was also on an episode of Bob Hearta Abishola when Dele was doing his dancing….and then it goes into DMX. There is drumming, dancing….some dude drumming and dancing upside down….WOW! That was one heck of a way to open the season.

They get a unanimous YES!


Act 2: XOMG Pop (dance act): This dance group was founded by Jojo Siwa, aka Jojo with the Bow Bow. The dance reminds me of a live action Rainbow Brite dance troupe and I am HERE FOR IT! The excitement, the energy, the dancing….all of it was amazing…now good luck to me getting this song out of my head for the rest of the night.

As an aside, seeing Jojo be so proud of her girls is so sweet.

They get four yeses!


Act 3: Mervant(magic act): He seems to be a rapping magician who raps as he goes through a deck of cards. Each card represents a line in his rap and he even gives Terry and the judges shout outs. Then he explains how the deck of cards represents us all as people coming together and if one part is missing, it can fall apart. I realllllyyyyy like this one!

He gets four yeses!


Act 4: Lee Collinson (musician): He traveled from England JUST to audition.

This is making me cry. He sings Better Days by Dermot Kennedy and WOW. This is what we all need right now. I only wish his mom were with him instead of being in England.

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He gets four yeses and a chance to call his mom to tell her the news.


Reject montage! A disobedient horse, a singer who sets himself on fire, goat yoga and a magician who has a glass in his……..well, you get the idea.


Act 5: Ben (singer): He sings about wanting more Parmesan on his food in an Italian restaurant. He initially gets buzzed, but his spirit and the fact that the song is such a mood changes everyone’s minds.

He gets four yeses!



Act 6: Celia (ventriloquist): She is just….listening to the radio as she prepares to do her act? Or is she singing while brushing her teeth and stuff? I am so confused.

She gets four yeses.


Act 7: Veronika (animal/acrobatic act): She does acrobatics while her dogs dance and do circus acts. It is light and cute….and again, what we all need now.

Four yeses!


Act 8: Mike E. Winfield (comedian): He jokes about being a stepdad and married to an older mom, as well as working in the STEAL department in a grocery store. I am dying because the whole grocery thing is so TRUE.


Four yeses!


Act 9: Shu Takada (yo yo act): Wow! He danced, did the yo yo and just turned it into an art form. OH MY GOODNESS! Holy cow, was that an amazing act. WHOA in Joey Lawrence’s voice.


Four yos…..or yeses!


Act 10: Avery Dixon (Saxophonist): His story about being so bullied to the point where he wanted to die breaks my heart. I am crying so hard. I want to hug this kid and tell him he is amazing and IT GETS BETTER. I PROMISE YOU, IT GETS BETTER!

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As for his performance OMG, he is amazing, he reminds me of those old school players like Kenny G…..and this guy is going places. I cannot stop crying.




More next week, stay tuned!




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