ICYMI: Death by Fame Recap for Behind the Screen

ICYMI: Death by Fame Recap for Behind the Screen

ICYMI: Death by Fame Recap for Behind the Screen

-This week’s Death by Fame is titled Behind the Screen and discusses the murder of The Voice’s Christina Grimmie. She was shot and killed after a concert in Orlando in 2016.


-Her family remembers her as always singing and playing the piano. They traveled a lot, so they were always extremely close.


-Her brother Marcus also recalls her doing skits and having fun with acting, but never really wanting to be famous, until someone suggested she put a video on YouTube. This led to her getting a big following and eventually taking her talent to the next level.


-Christina’s parents Bud and Tina were concerned that her following would cause her to be in danger, especially as she became more well known.


-However, her online presence allowed her to help fans/friends out in their times of need, especially one young lady named Cassie, who discovered Christina while sick in the hospital.


-Before long, Christina dropped an album called Find Me, which soared to #2 on the charts and became the Queen of YouTube.


-Christina faced a lot of online criticism on her looks and faced it head on, but it made her family nervous.


-She was soon going on tour with All Star Weekend and Selena Gomez. While her family was proud, they worried for her safety. Marcus would go with her to make sure she was safe and protected her as much as possible.

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-Pretty soon, Columbia Records was interested in her and wanted to sign her, but it fell through. She kept pursuing and eventually ended up on The Voice.


-During her time on the show, Christina became a fan favorite and credited her mom as her inspiration. She came in third place and once again went on tour. She and her family weren’t quite excited this time around, but decided to go for it anyway.


-The whole time, Christina said that she didn’t want to be on tour. She and Marcus planned on going home after her Orlando show, but she had a meet and greet beforehand. Little did she know that going to this would lead to her tragic end.


-Marcus recalls the moment his sister was murdered in clear detail….how it was toward the end of the night and how she was shot point blank. He went after her killer, trying to get the gun away, but the killer then turned the gun on himself.


-Police were called immediately and chaos ensued. Marcus only remembers seeing his sister dead and knowing she was not suffering. He then remembers breaking the news to his father, who was left in a state of shock, along with Christina’s mother.


-Christina’s boyfriend Stephen and bass player Jonathan recall getting the news and being utterly devastated and shocked. Her fans and friends were also devastated by the news, wondering what happened and who could have done such a horrible thing.,


-An investigation began and authorities began to look for the motive. Marcus is detained and questioned in hopes that he could give a statement as to how it all happened.

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-The killer is identified as Kevin Loibl. He had two gun on his person, using one to kill Christina and when that one jammed, used the second to kill himself. He also had a knife and brochure for a burial and cremation service, giving authorities the idea that he had no intention of living.


-Bud, Marcus and Christina’s fans wanted to know more about Kevin and figure out why he wanted to kill Christina. Freelance photographers and journalists turned over footage and discovered him at the concert the whole time. His family is notified, but they claim he never mentioned Christina, nor did he seem to have any idea of who she was. However, he lived as a hermit and had tin foil on his windows. This seemed bizarre but didn’t give them any ideas as to why he would kill Christina.


-Kevin’s dad said that Kevin changed his look over the past few months, growing out his hair and losing weight. His computer and phone were also encrypted and destroyed. His family encouraged authorities to talk to a friend of his, and the friend confirmed that he was indeed obsessed with Christina. He watched everything she was in and was determined to be with her. Once he found out she had a boyfriend, it sent him over the edge.


-Bud recalls how Adam Levine paid for Christina’s funeral and how her manager and fans started a GoFundMe and charity to help the family and keep her memory alive.


-Christina’s mom Tina died of cancer in 2018.

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For more information on the Christina Grimmie foundation, visit christinagrimmiefoundation.org.

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