America’s Got Talent: Recap for 6/30/2020

Here we are with another week of America’s Got Talent on NBC. Terry Crews is hosting, while Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell are judging. Heidi Klum is off due to illness. Eric Stonestreet returns to be a guest judge.

This is the first non audience show in the history of the series due to COVID19. Everyone admits it will be difficult without their feedback.

Cheer Athletics Wildcats: They are dance/cheer troupe from Texas. They make Bring It On look like child’s play. The throws, the lifts, the jumps, the balancing….as a former cheerleader I am not only jealous I was never able to do any of this, but also incredibly impressed. WOW. I have no clue how they stayed in sync with so many people. FOUR YESES.

Jacob: This kid plays the piano, drums and is basically all the Beatles in one with a modern day twist. He has the charm, looks and talent to make it far, not only in the competition, but in real life. Howie is right, he is a prodigy and a star in the making. FOUR YESES!!

Michael Yo: He is a former celebrity entertainment reporter who risked it all for his dream of becoming a comedian. He talks about getting older and comparing himself to 20 year olds. He is funny and adorable, I would LOVE to see him LIVE. FOUR YESES

The Brothers Gage: They do a medley on the harmonica, which is like nothing I have ever seen before. Sofia is dancing, Howie is clapping and Terry is trying to play along. It is definitely cute. They all agree they have a certain likability factor. FOUR YESES

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Shevon: She is a former Olympian whose boyfriend and former coach was injured and paralyzed before the 2016 games. After retiring, she helped him through rehab and he was able to walk down the aisle.

She puts on a powerhouse performance that leaves everyone in tears. She wrote the song herself and dedicated it to her husband. FOUR YESES and she announces she is pregnant.

Elijah: He plays the cello, which is an instrument you don’t hear every day. However, he is making it cool because this is nothing short of amazing. I love his talent, passion and joy while he is playing. FOUR YESES

Anthem and Aria: I thought this was going to be a magic act, but it is a singing act…..that goes into magic? I am confused. They get buzzed and sent home.

After a montage of buzzed acts, we get back to business.

Kenadi: She is a guitarist whose family suffers from an eye disease called RP. Her younger sister wanted to see her perform before she loses her sight, so she did the show. This girl is like a mix of Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks with that talent. WOW. Between her and her sister smiling in the background I am in tears. FOUR YESES and hugs from her sisters

Crystal: She is a comedian who talks about her friends telling her about her cheating husband. She also begins singing, which confuses me, but I enjoyed it. She seems like not only a fun act to watch, but a cool girlfriend to bond with over a glass of wine. FOUR YESES

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Where did Eric go?

One Wheel Wesley: He is on BGT as well as AGT. He does a unicycle act that goes higher and higher, up steps and has knives in it for good measure. Why? I have no idea, but it is so different and so fascinating to watch. THREE YESES

Brandon: He does a storytelling act about the death of his sister that is done in a monologue style.  I am SHOOK because it was so powerful. HOWIE GIVES HIM THE GOLDEN BUZZER.

More in two weeks. Stay tuned.

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