Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 5/1/2023

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 5/1/2023

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 5/1/2023

The episode opens with Abishola and Bob getting ready for church. He says he is enjoying it because of the food and gossip, but she wants him to want to go so he gets into the kingdom of God. Ebun, Dottie and Dele are also going, with Dottie wanting to join because it is a part of the week that Bob enjoys. There is a bit of fighting as they leave, with Bob wanting to stay home because he is ‘sick.’ Dele tells him that it never works because Abishola is a nurse.


At church, Dottie gets super into it and ends up embarrassing Bob. Abishola tells him to be nice to Dottie, while Tunde and Dele find her entertaining.


Kofo is about to enjoy a night alone when Tunde comes in to join him….despite Kofo trying to get rid of him. Tunde doesn’t take a hint and joins him for dinner.


Kemi, Gloria and Abishola talk about the weekend, which leads to a conversation about church. Abishola and Kemi try to get Gloria to go to church with them, but she is not interested. They all end up bickering with Kemi chasing Gloria and Abishola calling her pastor.


Kofo gets home to find Tunde there working on the toilet. He wants him to leave, but then Bob joins them. He talks about how Dottie is driving him crazy but doesn’t know how to tell her. Kofo tells him to just say he wants time alone, hoping they all take the hint, but no avail.

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Dottie is making Bob dinner when he gets home. He tries to talk to her about always being there, which causes them to fight. She goes to Christina’s, who welcomes her with open arms.


At work the next day, there is a lot of tension with Dottie and Bob. He ignores it and tells Douglas to prep the new hire. Douglas tells him that he is ready….but then gets upset because he, Christina and Goodwin seem to be Team Dottie. He goes into the other room and screams before getting back to work.


Abishola, Kemi and Gloria talk about Bob disrespecting Dottie, despite them being happy their own mothers left. She decides to ask Dottie to come back, but cannot dial because she realize she feels better without Dottie.


Kofo gets Goodwin to help him get rid of Tunde by staging a fight. Tunde gets the hint and leaves, but says he will be back later. Goodwin ends up staying, much to Kofo’s chagrin.


Ebun guilt trips Bob about the Dottie fiasco by saying she feels lonely and then makes it about herself.


Christina and Dottie are eating ice cream (with Dottie driving Christina crazy) when Bob and Abishola show up. They want her to move back in, but she wants to stay with Christina. She is not happy, but Bob and Abishola are thrilled with this turn of events.

The episode ends with everyone at church.….and Christina and Dottie in matching outfits.

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