America’s Got Talent Recap for 6/6/2023

America's Got Talent Recap for 6/6/2023

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Auditions 2" Episode -- Pictured: (l-r) Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent Recap for 6/6/2023

Week two of NBC’s America’s Got Talent’s season eighteen auditions are here! Check them out below!


Christopher ‘Lambros’ Garcia–Dancer: He is ten years old and actually quite charismatic and entertaining. That split was impressive and I cannot wait to see what he does next! Four yeses!


Sainted Trap Choir–Choir: I have no clue what trap music is…..but this sounds good. They seem to have good chemistry and their sound is incredible….I now need to google trap music. Four yeses.


Ramadhani Brothers– Head Balancers: My jaw is on the floor watching them. They not only do balancing and add a ladder, but they manage to somehow add some subtle danger. How do they do it? It is crazy. This is the kind of act that keeps me tuning in every year. Four yeses.


Virginia Stone–Husband Caller: She does a pig call/husband call and makes Simon her target….I have no idea….she is sent home.


AvantGardey–Dance Group: They are from Japan and use hand signals and interpreters to talk to the judges/answer questions. They are sooooo cute and talented. Everything is so fun, in sync and enjoyable. I would love to see what they do next. Four yeses.


Putri Ariani–Singer: She is a Julliard hopeful singer at only the age of seventeen. She hails from Indonesia and is legally blind. Her voice is so beautiful to the point where Simon makes her sing another song. She switches from an original to an Elton John classic, getting her SIMON’S GOLDEN BUZZER!!!!!

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Mandy Muden–Comedian/Magician: I actually really like this. She has Howard Stern humor, Houdini magic and a whole lot of sass. How can America not love her? Four yeses.


Zoe Erianna Cui–Singer: She is only six years old and so cute. I’ve seen her on TikTok and she just makes me smile. The fact that she wants a Barbie camper if she wins makes me love her even more. This time she sings instead of playing the piano but she proves she has talent for days. Four yeses.


Muhamed Kahrimanovic–Variety: He tries to win the Guinness Book of World Records for breaking the most coconuts in a minute. He is sent home unanimously.


Mitch Rossell–Singer: His performance is in honor of his late dad, who died in a drunk driving accident, along with his grandparents. I can’t even imagine—I am crying too hard to even recap…..and I lose it when he sings the song he dedicated to his dad. Four yeses.


Ray Wold–Fire performer: He performs with his mom….who is mistaken for his wife by Simon. It is a fire danger act that is not much different than we have seen before, but still captivating. Howie buzzes him, but he gets through thanks to the other judges.


More next week, stay tuned.

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