Big Brother 23 Recap For 8/12/2021: Did Christian Get Backdoored?

Big Brother 23 Recap For 8/12/2021: Did Christian Get Backdoored?

Big Brother 23 Recap For 8/12/2021: Did Christian Get Backdoored?

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 23 on CBS opens where we left off last night….with the POV ceremony. Britini saves herself, which puts Christian on the block. However, Julie Chen Moonves says that there may be a twist that could change things….


Christian thinks that being put on the block is a foolish move and goes to complain. He thinks Sarah Beth is manipulating them, especially when she cried over keeping her money.


It becomes even more awkward when Derek has to announce that Christian is using the potty.


Big D could potentially be the swing vote, but has to talk to his alliances (Jokers and Cookout) before making any decisions.


Claire’s punishment is playing 52 pickup whenever the king demands. …while in costume.


Kyland is in the jackass costume.


The house is unsure on what to do in terms of votes, but Christian feels fairly confident he might get the votes.


Tiffany is the most upset and knows things for Christian do not look good. She tells Big D and Britini to tell Christian they aren’t voting for him, or she will. This leads to Big D wanting out of the Cookout alliance and calling Tiffany names. Needless to say, this does NOT go over well and leads to a huge fight.


Now Tiffany is more determined than ever to save Christian. She tells him about Big D and Britini’s votes and convinces the house that keeping him will be better for them in the long run.

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However, this leads to more tension with Azah, Big D and Tiffany because they think she is trying to manipulate Britini.



Eviction time. Christian is gone with a 7-2 vote….with only Alyssa and Xavier voting to keep him. He kisses Alyssa goodbye as he leaves the house for good.


Julie says they are all in jury at this point on, but can play high roller casino games in the BB Beach Club. America will vote for who gets money toward games.


More Sunday, stay tuned.

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