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Trippin’ With Anthony Anderson and Mama Doris Finale Recap and Highlights

Trippin’ With Anthony Anderson and Mama Doris Finale Recap and Highlights

-The season finale takes us to Rome, Italy.

-Mama Doris worries about her tooth falling out, so Anthony offers to take it out while driving. She calls him a dumbass for this idea.

-I agree, the food, art and history in Rome looks incredible. I hope to get there one day in person.

-Mama Doris’s tooth comes out and it is rotten. The hotel staff witnesses Anthony take it out. She ends up going to the dentist, who tells her that her teeth are fine.

-Anthony shows Mama Doris the history of Rome, but she is more interested in the fact that there is a McDonald’s in Rome.

-Mama Doris doing pottery and comparing it to Ghost is so on brand for her. She even makes an ashtray instead of a mug or a pot, confusing Anthony.

-Pottery dude is having a blast watching her….especially when she messes up said ashtray.

-Mama Doris wanting fried chicken and loving the convenience of takeout/delivery is such a mood.

-It is on my bucket list to make homemade pasta and the two of them making it together (with Mama Doris being snarky) is making me want to learn even more.

-Anthony has Mama Doris dress up for a special surprise for her….they are at a vineyard with a collection of wines he made dedicated to her….complete with a band.

-The wine is going to be sold worldwide. She snarks that his name is on it instead of hers but is thrilled with the sentiment.

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-That is a wrap for this season!

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