Death by Fame Recap for Life Imitates Art

Death by Fame Recap for Life Imitates Art

-The season finale of Death by Fame is titled Life Imitates Art and details the rise and fall of actor Lloyd Avery.

-Lloyd was in the movie Boyz n the Hood with several other actors, including Cuba Gooding Jr, Laurence Fishburne and Ice Cube. The movie helped bring many of its stars their big breaks. However, it would also lead to some darker times for Lloyd.

-Lloyd had an iconic scene in the movie, which led to him getting a role in Lockdown. He played a guy in prison that was a ‘whipping boy’ and he would often take the role too seriously and have to take time to calm down because he would get so into character.

-At one point, Lloyd ended up in protective custody due to several charges, including drug possession. He was banned from the state of New Mexico but was able to finish the movie.

-After Lockdown ended, Lloyd was cast in a movie called Shot, despite his less than stellar reputation. The people involved in the movie liked his work and decided to take a chance on him. He was cast as a gangbanger and once again got very intense with his role.

-Friends and coworkers of Lloyd thought that this movie could have been the beginning of a huge career for him. However, his behavior began to unravel, scaring those around him. At first, people on set thought it was method acting, but soon people began to suspect something more was happening.

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-Lloyd’s behavior got more erratic and on July 1st, 1999, it was learned that there was a shooting involving two transients Annette Lewis and Percy Branch. Both victims died.

-No one knew why these two were killed. It was possibly gang related and soon connected to shootings that happened earlier that year. Lloyd was soon connected to all three shootings.

-Authorities did a deep dive into his life, wondering what happened since he seemed to be such a good guy on paper. They wondered if fame got to him, he began to blur the lines of fantasy and reality or this was truly who he was as a person.

-Friends of Lloyd’s said that he began to change once Boyz n the Hood wrapped. He allegedly began making threats, had assault charges against him and robbed people. He often got a slap on the wrist if caught, but this would change when he was suspected of being the one who murdered Annette and Percy.

-At first, no arrest was made because evidence was being collected, but before long, his roommate went to the police to report him.

-Everyone was shocked since he was acting like nothing happened.

-Lloyd went on the run and was soon arrested at his grandmother’s house.

-The case was a challenge due to money being asked in exchange for testimony and issues with the shell cases.

-Lloyd claimed that there was no case against him and that he also had an alibi. He wouldn’t say where he was the time of the murder, which made him seem more suspicious. He was charged with double murder and got life in prison with an additional thirteen years without the possibility of parole.

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-Lloyd was sent to Pelican State Prison and housed with Kevin Roby, who was serving three life sentences for the rape, sodomy and murder of his sister. He was also a satanist, making it difficult for the newly-religious Lloyd.

-One day, Lloyd’s body was found in his cell. He was covered in blood and dead due to a satanic ritual. He had been dead for three days before he was found. Kevin was the culprit, but there were whisperings that he did not act alone.

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