Young Sheldon Recap for 3/9/2023: Teen Angst and a Smart Boy Walk of Shame

Young Sheldon Recap for 3/9/2023: Teen Angst and a Smart Boy Walk of Shame

Young Sheldon Recap for 3/9/2023: Teen Angst and a Smart Boy Walk of Shame

The episode opens with Missy blasting music and reading Sassy magazine. George tries to talk to her, but Missy doesn’t want to hear it because she is so upset. The two of them argue while Sheldon continues to make the situation about himself and the failed database.


Georgie and Mandy drive home with the baby. Mandy is being a backseat driver while Georgie wonders if they have the right baby. She assures him that they do, but he still worries.


Missy is up early making lunches for everyone when George comes in. They continue to argue and she wonders why Mary stayed at MeeMaws and what is really going on with them and Brenda. He tells her to drop it and thanks her for making lunch….even though there is a snarky note about not forgetting her at school.


Sheldon feels like a failure at school and talks to Dr. Sturgis about it. He tries to cheer him up by singing, only to further annoy Sheldon.


Mandy and Georgie feel overwhelmed with the baby, so MeeMaw and Mary try to help. Mary is glad she has the Nana touch to make the baby sleep, as is Mandy, who goes to nap.


Sheldon and Dr. Sturgis look at the database to try and fix it….complete with more singing.

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Missy and Mandy are with the baby and trying to talk. However, Mandy is distracted and Missy storms off feeling forgotten.


George burns dinner, which Sheldon snarks on. He then asks George to teach him how to throw a football so he can feel more comfortable with failure. However, he throws it well once, causing him to hit the showers because he is now a jock.


MeeMaw tries to talk to Mary about her marriage, but she doesn’t want to listen.


Missy is taking a test, but is more interested in getting details about Brenda and her family from Billy. Her teacher thinks she is cheating, causing Missy to call her out on her own cheating and getting kicked out of school. Mary and George yell at her, causing another fight and Missy telling them she feels invisible.


Sheldon goes to see Mandy and the baby to build up his tolerance for things. She lets him hold the baby and get her to stop crying. He sings Soft Kitty and it works, but she starts crying again once Sheldon leaves.


Sheldon tries to get Dr. Linkletter to use sarcasm on him, but it doesn’t work because he doesn’t get it. Dr. Linkletter tells him he was in the same situation, but their bonding is cut short with sarcasm miscommunication.


Missy is sent to her room when they all get home. George and Mary fight over Brenda and Pastor Rob. They don’t know wher to go from here.

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Mandy is resting when Georgie comes home. She is upset because she thinks the baby hates her, but he assures her things will be fine. He says they can’t both freak out at the same time and end up bonding. He goes to check on the baby, now known as CeeCee.


Mary is packing to stay at MeeMaw’s when Sheldon walks in, upset about his failure. They hug while Missy walks by. She feels forgotten again and goes to run away.



The episode ends with Sheldon talking about failure as everyone deals with their own issues–the new parents, Mary and George with their marriage and Missy running away in the car.


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