ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Lady Avenger

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Lady Avenger

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Lady Avenger

The episode opens with Kat reading reviews to Randi, who admits she wrote most of them herself, including ones that praise her and insult Kat.


Max comes down with a cat that just got fixed, complaining about how he is staring at him. Kat makes him bring him back upstairs until he is better.


Sheila comes in and gives Kat compliments. She is looking for a job because her new retirement home is more expensive than she thought. Her financial advisor wants her to cut corners and give up the country club, but she isn’t ready for that.


Later on, Max and Kat eat dinner together when Sheila joins them. She is upset, so Max leaves them to talk….with the cat still by his side. Sheila can’t find a job, so Kat offers her a job at the cafe. Max calls out that this is a stupid idea.


Randi and Carter are about to have sex but are out of condoms. They talk about alternative contraceptives, including him getting a vasectomy. He wonders which one of them will get it.


Back at the cafe, Sheila refuses to wear her apron, causing Randi to take hers off. Kat agrees to make it apron free Friday. She continues to go over rules with Sheila, who thinks she can handle things.


Randi asks to leave early so she can go to the doctor with Carter, leading to a debate about children. Sheila brings Kat a cup of coffee, which has a middle finger as the foam art in place of the usual cat.

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Later on, they all read a postcard from Phil, who says that he and Jalen are visiting Australia to see Thunder from Down Under. They all talk avout how much they miss him.


Max sees a stray cat, which Sheila let in, despite not following quarantine protocol.


Carter and Randi go to the doctor, where they find out Carter’s blood work is off. He wants him to get a colonoscopy, causing him to freak out.


Kat is short staffed because Sheila is not there. It turns out she was out with the coffee bean guy. Max starts itching because the place is now infested with fleas.


Carter continues to freak out, but Randi assures him everything will be find and they will get through it all together. He is touched, but has to run to the restroom because the laxatives kicked in.


Max and Kat clean the cafe, with Sheila interfering. The two women get into a fight, which results in Kat firing her and threatening Max.


Randi wakes Carter up and tells him he is going to be fine. They have a sweet moment together and decide they might want to have a family together after all…..but not before she tells him the other procedure was done as well…..or was it?


Sheila is back at the cafe working hard despite being fired. She admits she got a job interview and that she hasn’t been working up to her potential. The two of them talk things out as Sheila gets her job back and the episode comes to a close.

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