Young Sheldon Recap for 1/12/2023: Pancake Sundays and Textbook Flirting

Young Sheldon Recap for 1/12/2023: Pancake Sundays and Textbook Flirting

Young Sheldon Recap for 1/12/2023: Pancake Sundays and Textbook Flirting

The episode opens with Mary making the family breakfast for Pancake Sunday. However, George has tee time with Wayne, Missy has plans with her friends and Sheldon wants Brand Buds. He agrees to eat pancakes with Bran Buds in them, but it does not go over well.


Georgie is working at the video store when a girl asks him for movie recommendations….while flirting with him. Mandy sees this and lets him know it is okay for him to go out with other girls. He wants to remain loyal to her, but she says it is fine.


Mary goes to see MeeMaw and give her pancakes. Dale is over since he spent the night, which makes the entire thing awkward. She ends up joining them for breakfast, but they are arguing over how to spend the day. It gets even more awkward when Mary wants to join them.


On the way home, Mandy and Georgie are arguing over their relationship and if they should see other people. Georgie finally tells her she can date other people too, but she says she can’t due to her pregnancy. He pulls over at Wendy’s so she can pee.


George comes home and finds Mary by herself. She admits that she is bored without the church.


The next day, the girl flirting with Georgie comes back wanting more recommendations. Georgie asks her out… front of Mandy.

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The next day, Mary surprises Missy at school because she is volunteering at the book fair. She ends up embarrassing her, so she promises to do anything anything Mary wants that weekend if she just goes home.


Georgie asks George for advice on the Mandy/Amber the movie girl situation. He tries to help, but Georgie ends up going to Dale, who tells him that he can’t live his life worried if a woman will be mad at him.


Mary tries to watch Star Trek with Sheldon, but ends up annoying him.


Georgie goes out with Amber, who keeps being snobby about his car. He ends up admitting that he and Mandy are having a baby together and things get awkward.


MeeMaw talks to Mandy about the situation and comes out of it glad that she doesn’t have to be mad at anyone.


Mary ends up at the bowling alley and spends time with Brenda and her friends.


Amber and Georgie end up bonding on their date and she admits that she is going through a divorce. They admit they are both in complicated situations.


Mary ends up having fun with the girls, but Brenda seems to be upset when they bring up George.


MeeMaw and Mandy have a heart to heart about her Georgie situation. Mandy knows that she keeps pushing him away, but still feels confused.


Mary comes home and tells George about Brenda’s secret man. He confronts Brenda about it and she says it is another man and not him. She wonders if he is upset and sends him home as she cries.

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Sheldon tries to tell Mary about Star Trek, but she is too hung over to care.


The episode ends with Georgie telling Mandy that he and Amber bonded…..and Mandy getting upset.

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