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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Snark and Highlights for 12/21/2022

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Snark and Highlights for 12/21/2022

  • That black eye…..and those scratches…..the whole thing seems so suspicious and disturbing, I hope she just fell, and nobody hurt her.
  • Heather doesn’t want anyone in trouble and needs a cover story……WTF HAPPENED!?!?!?!
  • ‘We will say a spider laid eggs in your eyes!’ Bar fight! Tinder date gone wrong! Peanut allergy! ‘Bitch, you went out without me?’ Jen really comes up with the most interesting excuses.
  • ‘Is it obvious?’ Yes, honey, it is!
  • She also has scratches on her back….something big must have happened….this is not some random fall. And the way she is acting makes me think she knows more than she is saying.
  • Lisa and Whitney are just putting on their makeup and don’t even know what is going on with Heather….yet are still gossiping….somehow it all makes sense.
  • I never realized how much Meredith holds on to a grudge until Lisa said something…but she is right.
  • Heather not wanting to talk about the incident with her eye makes a lot of sense….yet she then tells the girls they all know something happened. Her behavior is disturbing, and I am truly worried about her.
  • Wine, food and fun sounds like the perfect day….however, I would love to have the ice cream the girls had while skating.
  • So….Whitney thinks Jen hit Heather and Heather wants to cover for her….it is an interesting theory.
  • Meredith seems truly concerned about what happened.
  • ‘This is a game of Texas Hold’em’ WTF is she talking about?
  • What the hell is Heather talking about over this Whitney feud? I am so confused right now. Is she saying Whitney is behind this?
  • How does Lisa’s financial situation and crowd funding fit into what happened to Heather? I am SO lost right now.
  • Lisa thinks Meredith is retaliating over the hot mic debacle from last season and she is not taking it sitting down….she is going after her again with both barrels.
  • Why do these women care so much about Lisa’s finances?
  • Heather stealing drinks from the Sprinter is hilarious.
  • Angie K just went to Lisa and spilled ALL the tea that Heather and Meredith shared during the wine tasting and Sprinter ride.
  • The thought of the ladies making an eyepatch for Heather is hysterical and cute at the same time.
  • Lisa’s fake ‘hi’ made me laugh way too hard.
  • Angie being carried into the dinner by Zeus and Hercules is such a mood.
  • Whoa….Lisa and Whitney are pulling out ALL the stops to call out the others for SECGate.
  • Lisa calling everyone out……this is what this season needed. WOW! At least she owns the hot mic moment….even if Meredith claims it could have ruined her life.
  • Why would you need a makeup artist during a global pandemic? Particularly one where we all had to socially distance…..seriously, why?
  • Heather saying her eye is the metaphor for their friendships is truly fitting.
  • Heather still isn’t talking about her eye, but she is protecting herself…..this makes me wonder if she is scared of the retaliation that could come if she does talk.
  • More in two weeks….stay tuned!
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