Kids Baking Championship Recap for 12/26/2022

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 1/2/2023

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 12/26/2022

These kids being so young and having their own businesses is quite impressive.

Challenge: Using confetti as inspiration for their best-selling desserts.

They each choose two different colors that they feel represent their brand and must incorporate it into their dessert.

Genevieve: Gen’s Creations with macarons as her dessert in a lemon habanero flavor. Her colors are red and yellow.

Naiel: He owns La Jawab Treats with his sister. He cooks Ras Malai tres leche cake in purple and green.

Nash: He makes a yellow and orange cinna-roe from his Nash’s Confections business.

Toby: He owns Red Bun Cooking and makes a matcha cookie in red and green.

Peyton: Her business is called The Buttercream Queen Bakes. She makes chocolate and cinnamon macarons in pink and light yellow.

Alissa: Issa’s Cake Dreams is the name of her business, which is known for her lime cake. It is going to be colored in purple and yellow tie dye.

Alissa forgot to add butter to her cake and now must start over.

Logan: His business is called 11 Baking and his macarons are purple and black in a coffee flavor.

Naho: Her business is called Miley Baking. She makes a matcha chiffon cake in green and orange.

TWIST TIME: A sauce to go with the dessert in a color that represents their brand.

Foster: Her business is called Desserts Before Dinner. She makes her famous chocolate cake with pink and turquoise American buttercream.

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Ozan: His business is called Ozan Bakes. He makes a chocolate cake with pink and turquoise rosettes.

Sohan: He has a business called Sojo Kitchen, with his specialty being macarons. For this challenge, they will be yellow and orange.

Jason: His business is called JJ’s Kitchen. He makes a fruit tart with yellow and red coloring.

Logan has a mishap with his macarons but manages to find a way to make them work in his favor.

Naho messes up her buttercream and tries to freeze it to make it harden.

Jason adds lemon to his tart to win brownie points with Valerie.

Naho seems to struggle with the curd and buttercream for her cake.

Logan’s macarons still give him issues.

Alissa runs out of time to decorate her cake, so she decides to just make it a naked cake.


Nash presents his cinna-roe (cinnamon roll using his last name Roe) with orange and yellow. The colors don’t shine through, and the color of his sauce is not ‘happy.’ However, the dessert is delicious.

Foster’s chocolate cake has a raspberry sauce. The ganache is a bit too thin, but it looks and tastes terrific.

Sohan’s macarons with lemon curd look beautiful, but lack the orange color. However, they taste amazing.

Jason’s fruit tart with raspberry sauce tastes delicious, but is more vanilla than lemony.

Toby’s cookies and sauce have a bold taste that is balanced with the white chocolate chips he added.

Logan’s macarons are not uniform, but have a nice coffee flavor.

Naiel’s Ras Malai is gorgeous, but a bit uneven. However, it has a nice flavor.

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Peyton’s macarons are uneven, but have delicious flavor…despite being underbaked.

Ozan’s chocolate cake is moist, with the blueberry addition giving it a new flavor.

Genevieve’s macarons are gorgeous and have a nice, spicy flavor.

Alissa’s lime and blueberry cake has great flavor, but is a bit too moist.

Naho’s chiffon cake is colorful, but the buttercream is a bit broken. The curd also spills out when it is cut. However, it is delicious.

Sohan, Toby and Genevieve are the top bakers, with Toby winning the challenge. They are all safe.

Foster, Naiel, Nash, Alissa, Jason, Orzan and Peyton are all safe.

Naho and Logan are in the bottom two, with Logan going home.

More next week, stay tuned.


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