The Biggest Loser: Back After Four Years

Biggest loser

Tonight is the premiere of the new and improved version of The Biggest Loser. The show is back after a four year hiatus and has Bob Harper as a host and new trainers Erica and Steve. 

The twelve contestants arrive at the resort. They are scared, but determined to make their lives better. 

Teri is a former pageant girl who lost her way. She is a flight nurse and wants to be healthier for her job. 

Bob meets up with them to give them a pep talk and prepare for their time at the resort. He wants them to lose weight, but more importantly get healthy. 

More contestants:

Phixavier is a counselor who lost her dad at a young age. She blames herself because she didn’t want to go out with him on Easter. This resulted in her eating her feelings and gaining weight. 

Katarina is a nurse who wants to lose weight and be taken more seriously at work. 

Everyone goes to the gym…..excited to begin their workouts. They will be divided into teams, blue and red.

Blue team: Kyle, Delores, Kim, Micah, Robert and Megan.

Red team: Kristi, Domingo, Teri, Katarina, Jim and Phi. 

Robert is the son of an NFL player who wants to follow in his footsteps, however, an injury led to weight gain. He wants to lose weight to try to make his dreams come true.

Erica Lugo is the red team trainer who lost one hundred and sixty pounds herself. She did the basics to lose weight; calories in and out and walking to start. She is amazing and a trainer who is relatable.

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Steve Cook is the blue team trainer that has a huge social media following. The women are smitten. He did a lot of fitness modeling, but suffered from eating disorders while competing. 

More contestants:

Micah had a drug addicted mom and it impacted his life.

Starting Weight:

Megan: 290

Domenico: 323

Katarina: 293

Micah: 326

Jim: 385

Teri: 256

Kim: 242

Kristi: 264

Robert: 409

Phi: 357

Kyle: 302

Kyle admits that his weight gain is caused by the fact that he was hiding the fact that he was gay. He turned to food to deal with leading a double life. 

After the weigh in, everyone chats and bonds. 

Workout time! 

Erica has them doing HUB training and treadmill, which allows them to get their heart rate up and keep tricking their bodies.

Sean has them do 40 second workouts and 20 seconds to the next station. 

Everyone is getting used to working out and compares it to their own lives. I like how the trainers are firm with them, yet understanding. I like how the contestants realize they are scared of their trainers, but need them at the same time. 

I am loving the bond between Erica and Phi. I feel like the bonding is really helping everyone out in addition to the workouts and lifestyle changes.  It is helping the contestants mentally and emotionally.

Challenge time! Everyone must run a mile and the winning team gets a six pound advantage at the weigh in. 

I like how we get to see them reflect throughout the run. The trainers are also being encouraging and sweet. 

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Bob talks to them about his heart attack and how it impacted his life. He said he was scared to go to the gym again, but he had to face their fears…as do they. He then shares their test results from their health assessments. Out of respect for them, I redacted them from the recap, but I will say they served as a wake up call.

After the last chance workout, we get to weigh ins. 

Robert: 406-13=393 and 3.18%

Dom: 323-14= 309 and 4.33%

Megan: 290-11=279 and 3.79%

Kat: 293-14=279 and 4.33%

Kyle: 302-10=292 and 3.31%

Phi: 357-6=351 and 1.68%

The rest of them go SO fast that it is hard to keep up….until the final two weigh in.

Delores: 280-10=270 

Jim: 385-22=263 

(Percentages not revealed)

The blue team lost, leading to Robert going home due to having the lowest percentage. He has a Planet Fitness membership, a support group and a nutritionist. 

UPDATE: Now he is 361 lbs and working out twice a day. He looks fantastic and says his son is his why. 

More next week, stay tuned!

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