ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Two Rusty Tractors

ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Two Rusty Tractors

ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Two Rusty Tractors

The episode opens with Bob telling Abishola he is going to the dollar theatre for a John Wayne feature. Abishola teases him about it and says that she used to think Elvis was president because of the focus on him.


Bob supplier calls and is told to deal with Goodwin. The supplier says he is afraid Goodwin will yell at him, but Bob says it will be fine. He then goes to the movies, with Abishola looking annoyed.


At work, Kemi gives Abishola Jello, while Gloria complains about her life and being at work. Abishola herself complains about Bob not working and says she misses the old Bob. Kemi tells her to work it out or create a Tinder profile. She walks off and tosses Gloria her own Jello.


Dottie takes work calls when Bob calls to find out why socks are backordered. Goodwin walks in and convinces Bob he has everything under control. Dottie asks why he lied and he claims that he will have it all under control.


At home, Abishola gives Bob a suit to wear….to work. She makes it clear she wants him to work again, but he doesn’t seem to understand.


Goodwin, Doug, Dottie and Kofo work on getting socks, but keep hitting dead ends….or dead contacts. Dottie is chugging Red Bull, which concerns Christina.


Bob says he might have found them socks, so he and Goodwin decide to go on a road trip to check them out. They bond over how they were treated by their fathers, politics and music.

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At the hotel, Bob calls Abishola. He thinks she misses him, but she says he has only been gone for a few hours. Goodwin, for his part, tells his kids a bedtime story.


Later on, the men fight over sleeping arrangements, which leads to them arguing over the business and how it is in financial ruin. Both of them go back to bed in anger.


The guys finally get to the sock site and continue to fight during the inspection. Goodwin admits that he is terrified of messing up, but Bob makes him feel better by saying it is the Wheeler way to screw up.


Back at MaxDot, Dottie is asleep, while Doug tells Christina he is proud of her for taking the janitor job. Bob calls to tell them they got the socks. Doug and Dottie go to celebrate and tell Christina that she can join them once she is done cleaning.


Bob also calls Abishola, who toasts with Kemi and Gloria over the good news. She then calls Tunde and Olu, who are also happy. Dele talks about how he and Bob talked about him going back to work, while Ebun credits the prayer list for helping him go back to work. They then all argue over who should get proper credit.

Goodwin and Bob discuss business at a diner and toast to their new plans.


The episode ends with Bob telling Abishola that he is planning on going back to work to help expand the company, but they will have to put the house up for collateral….she is in shock as the episode comes to a close.

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