ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Kicked Outta the Dele Club

ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Kicked Outta the Dele Club

ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Kicked Outta the Dele Club

The episode opens with Bob making dinner as Abishola comes home, talking about her day. He says that he took Dele for a haircut and they played video games after. He admits he could have had more fun than Dele.


Dele comes in wearing a hat. Bob wants to know why and convinces him to take it off. He removes the hat and reveals he got twists. Abishola freaks out and demands he changes it back to how it was. Dele refuses and the three of them argue until Dele goes to his room.


The next day, Abishola answers Dele’s phone, which she took away. She scolds his friend and tells him to erase his number. Gloria thinks she is being to harsh, while Kemi thinks she is being too soft. The three of them debate on the hairstyle and if Abishola is being too strict.


Christina is upset about word getting out about her dalliance with Jared. Dottie tries to make her feel better, but it doesn’t work. She then brushes Christina’s hair and begins to sing. Christina tries to join, but is shushed.


Tunde and Olu are hanging out with Bob, insisting he stay for dinner. They are aware of the Dele debacle and give him ribbing and advice for how he is handling the situation. They are not impressed and he ends up staying for dinner.

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Back at MaxDot, Dottie wants to have Christina help with a project, which upsets Goodwin. They get into a debate on how things should be run in the company.


Later on, Bob and Dele have a heart to heart about everything that is happening.


Dottie gets Christina settled back at MaxDot, but ends up embarrassing her. She then goes to a meeting with Goodwin, Bob, Doug and Kofo to talk about Christina coming back. They all decide against hiring her back.


Dele and Bob cook dinner for everyone to make Abishola happy, but she is still angry. Ebun talks about how Abishola rebelled, which leads to Bob asking if she really wants to have the same kind of relationship with Dele. This causes Bob to call Tunde and Olu  to escape.


Abishola and Dele have their own heart to heart, where she shares her own rebellious phase. They end up making up and she gives him his phone back. He realizes he won as he goes to dinner….wondering why his contacts are all deleted.


Back at MaxDot, everyone plans to to to a convention when Christina comes in, begging for another chance. Doug snarks at her, but they finally agree she can come back, starting as the bottom.


The episode ends with Christina cleaning and singing with Dottie saying she still cannot sing.

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