ICYMI: Lego Masters Recap for Out on a Limb

ICYMI: Lego Masters Recap for Out on a Limb

ICYMI: Lego Masters Recap for Out on a Limb

Lego Masters: Out on a Limb opens with Ethan and Dom joining the competition…..and they are in it to win it. Everyone else is so surprised by this turn of events…so much so that Will even put several of their expressions on a t-shirt.


The challenge this week is to make a treehouse in real, living trees.


Brendan and Greg make a PK Clubhouse, which is a throwback to their childhood.


Ethan and Dom’s treehouse theme is imagination.


Stacey and Nick’s treehouse is a Lego built with Legos.


Xavier and Jon’s treehouse has a fort theme.


Will Arnett jokes with Ethan and Dom about being young enough to be their brother and asks if they need permission slips to make their TikToks.


Dave and Emily make their treehouse in honor of their mother.


Christine and Michelle are confused on what their theme should be, causing them to fall behind. They both get frustrated to the point where Michelle wants to give up. However, Emily beings her water and calms her down until she goes back to work. They finally decide to do a fairy garden theme.


The Stephens make their treehouse into a university.


Austin and Justin incorporate their love of books into their Fiction and Friction theme, which also has a pirate theme incorporated.


Erin and Liz make a Grrrls Rule Pirate theme. However, their foundation isn’t strong enough, so they need to start over.

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Emily and Liam, who have the Golden Brick, incorporate their love of pandas into their treehouse, calling it a Panda Playtime.


All the while, the judges and Will walk around, making commentary on what is happening and how they think each project will turn out at the end of the day.


Before long, time is up and it is time for the treehouses to be inspected. Emily and Liam do not use the Golden Brick, so they are eligible for elimination.


The judges give the pros and cons of each treehouse.


Nick and Stacey and Ethan and Dom are the top two teams, with Nick and Stacey winning the Golden Brick.


Jon and Xavier and Christine and Michelle are in the bottom two, with Christine and Michelle going home.


More next week, stay tuned.

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