Call Me Kat Recap for 10/20/2022: Call Me Donor Four Five Seven

Call Me Kat Recap for 10/20/2022: Call Me Donor Four Five Seven

Call Me Kat Recap for 10/20/2022: Call Me Donor Four Five Seven

This week’s episode of Call Me Kat opens with Kat telling Randi, Carter, Sheila, Max and Phil that she is having a baby. Everyone has a million questions, including who the father will be and if she is truly ready.


She plans on getting a donor and says the time she had with Max’s nephew made her sure that she wanted to be a mom.


Later on, Randi, Sheila and Phil help her find a donor, comparing it to online dating. Kat thinks there is a lot of pressure, while Sheila acts like her usually snarky self with her comments on Kat’s life.


Meanwhile, Carter and Max check out a board game bar that is competition for The Middle C. Carter is jealous until he sees someone playing Hungry Hungry Hippos. They order beers and the bartender tells them it is D&D night. Carter and Max think they are too cool for it, but decide to stay for Hungry Hungry Hippos.


At the cafe, Sheila tells Randi that she wants to be called Glamma instead of Grandma. At that moment, Kat runs downstairs with her chosen donor file. Sheila, Phil and Randi are excited about it and Phil makes some subtle swimmer jokes.


Kat and Sheila go to the doctor and find out that Kat and the donor are a great match, but he is out of “batter.” Kat freaks out about it, but the doctor tells her it is a no go.

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That night, Kat is still upset, so Randi, Carter, Max and Phil try to cheer her up at the bar with drinks and the adventures Carter and Max had at the game bar.


The next day, Phil and Randi are prepping to open the cafe when Kat runs in, saying she may have found the donor online, thanks to an extensive search. Phil and Randi think she is taking this a bit too far, especially since she found his Instagram and signed up for a medical thing he was a part of for $1200.


Kat and Randi go to the kickboxing class that Brian the donor teaches. Randi thinks his is crazy, especially when Kat beings to sing Eye of the Tiger.


Brian introduces himself, causing Kat to go crazy and Randi to use a fake name. He is confused, but calls them fun.


Back at the game bar, Max and Phil decide to play D&D…..where they run into Carter, who is also there to play. Max decides to leave, but not before he chugs his beer. Phil promises to take him to his kind of bar with different kinds of games.


Kat continues to go crazy at the class and ends up attacking Randi to get to Brian. He sends Randi to get water, while Kat continues to make a fool out of herself by asking questions and outing him as a donor. This causes her to get kicked out of the class.


Phil and Max wait for Carter so Max can confront him about the D&D game. The two of them talk it out while Phil drinks wine and gives commentary. They hug it out with Phil joining in, followed by Kat, who is still upset about the Brian situation, getting kicked out of the sperm donor place and the froyo place, where she tried hitting on some guy.

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The episode ends with everyone playing D&D….with Phil dressed up, Randi being snarky, Sheila drinking and everyone else having fun. Kat also hits on Zac the game bar owner.

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