Pretty Little Liars Original Sins Recap for Episode 6: Scars

Pretty Little Liars Original Sins Recap for Episode 6: Scars

Pretty Little Liars Original Sins Recap for Episode 6: Scars

14 of the craziest things that happened in this episode

1. Imogen asks Tabby to go with her to visit the mystery caller that knew Angela and their moms. He lives in a train yard.

Okay I am all for finding answers, but can’t you ask him to meet you ANYWHERE else maybe for coffee or pizza you all seem to eat enough pizza, why not go there?


2. We flash to Pittsburgh and Corey (Faran’s mom) receives a bloody tattoo gun. We see what she did to Angela.  She made Angela get a tattoo of her first initial A because all the girls are getting it. As Angela is getting the tattoo, Corey leaves her.

These girls are awful they got Angela to get a tattoo. They seriously got this girl branded for life. I’m sorry but A has a right to hate the moms. They were vicious.


3. Faran and Henry are having lunch and talking about how Faran is going to dance for Madam Lorraine.

He then asks her about her scar and if she was in an accident.Faran explains she had corrective surgery for scoliosis.

The way she talks about the surgery, it seems like her mom was controlling and made it up that she needed surgery. Crazy, but with how wicked these moms were, I wouldn’t be surprised.


4. Imogen and Tabby go to the train yard to meet Joseph (Crazy Joe). We learn Joe was in love with Angela. They were friends until the “gaggle of she-bitches” took her away. Angela killed herself because she couldn’t keep up with the girls and everything came crashing down.

The only family Angela had was her mom Rose. After Angela died Rose came to the school with a butcher knife and attacked a table of students (not the moms) but a table of boys. She was sent to Radley Sanitarium in Rosewood.

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The girls are off to Rosewood. This Crazy Joe definitely seems crazy…. he has to know more. I don’t think he is the Masked Stalker, but he is involved somehow.


5. Noa gets asked to be on the track team, but she can’t because once again, she has to put her mom first. Her mom lost her job for stealing drugs.

Nurse Simmons got the hospital to agree to take her back if she goes to rehab. At first, Marjorie agrees, until Shawn basically tells her she is a crap mom and Noa needs to be put first, not her drug addiction.

That was enough for Marjorie. She won’t go to rehab but will work at Pinball Pizza instead.

I have no words except Marjorie is the worst mom and Shawn is the best boyfriend. He loves Noa and just wants her to be happy. Please let him stay good and not have some deep dark secret.


6. Faran is dancing for Madam Lorraine, who questions why she favors her left side and if she has ever been injured. Before she can answer, Kelly says it is because Faran had scoliosis. Madam Lorraine is impressed by Faran, however, Corey is embarrassed.

At dinner, she tells Faran and Zeke that she made a consultation for Faran to have her scar removed.

Why do I feel like Faran didn’t even need scoliosis surgery and her mom is way too into perfection? Poor Faran, love your scar and yourself.  Your mom sucks too.


7. Mouse and Ash are having he cutest date at the bowling alley….dancing, bowling and loving life. The date,however, is cut short when Mouse sees Steve is stalking her. They cut the date short and leave.

I know Steve is grieving, but dude, leave Mouse alone. He is so creepy.


8. Tabby is exploring Rosewood and finds a cute bookstore called Ezra’s Books. While looking at books,a boy comes up to her. After a little chat about books, he asks her to go for coffee and show her the town. We see them laughing over coffee, talking in his car and then kissing. He starts to assault her, but thankfully this is all in her head.

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I really hope Tabby gets closure on what happened to her. My heartbreaks for her. No girl should ever have to feel that way.


9. Kelly is practicing in the ballet room when she gets a text from unknown:‘Kelly or Karen?’


She sees someone dressed up in a costume from Swan Lake and thinks it is Henry because it is his costume. The person starts to chase Kelly trying to attack her. She is backed into a stairwell and yells she is Kelly. When she opens her eyes, whoever it was is gone.


At least now we know she is Kelly. She is so traumatized by her parents and how it seems Karen was loved more. No wonder she is horrible and going nuts.


10. Imogen and Tabby meet with Eddie Lamb, who used to be an orderly at Radley. He shows the girls the log book and it seems Angela’s mom (Rose) was visited by the 5 moms who all signed in as A. Waters. When Radley was shut down, Angela was sent out into society. Rose had a psychotic break when Angela was raped and killed herself.

There is way too much to touch on here. 1) That is not our Eddie Lamb. 2) Some patients were sent to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, so now the PLL universe in the Riverdale Universe. I swear if A is Archie or this is why Hiram left I’m done…but I would also love it.


11. Faran gets an A text “The scars go deeper than you think. Yours and Angela’s. Corey did wrong by you both,check your locker.”


Inside her locker are Faran’s medical records of the doctors going against the scoliosis surgery her mom pushed for. Faran lashes back taking her program picture of her scar and letting everyone know what her mom did.

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Corey is going to be pissed and I love it. Her mom is so awful and everyone should know. Oh, and she is back to being the Black Swan.


12. Imogen and Tabby are talking we learn two things:1) the sign in book has a sixth A. Waters signature. 2) Imogen tells her story of when she was raped and how she got pregnant.

Who is the sixth signature? Who assaulted and raped these girls? Is it the same person that raped Angela? I doubt it, but its possible.


13. Corey sees the profile of Faran and she is pissed and embarrassed.She leaves without even seeing the performance. After the show, Zeke runs in and gets Faran, telling her that her mom was in an accident.

Was this A? Did They cut her brakes? Or was she so distraught by what a horrible person she is that she crashed?


14. Steve is back stalking Mouse at her school!

Get a life Steve, and leave Mouse alone. This whole situation makes me so sick.  I want to cry.



 My final thoughts:

  • Is it bad I think the moms deserve what is happening to them? I don’t want them to die,but they really suck.
  • Steve needs to go to jail or be attacked by A or something because dear Lord, he is freaking me out.
  • Crazy Joe is definitelyinvolved?
  • I am so proud of Faran
  • If you’renot going to get the same actor don’t call him Eddie Lamb it wasn’t even convincing that that could be him.
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