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ICYMI: Masterchef Back to Win Highlights for 8/11/22

ICYMI: Masterchef Back to Win Highlights for 8/11/22

  • Season three winner Christine Ha is back in the kitchen.
  • Everyone is in tears seeing her return, myself included. She is such an accomplished, amazing woman.
  • This week’s mystery box includes staple Vietnamese ingredients. They must use all the ingredients to make a Vietnamese dish with help from a limited pantry.
  • I have never heard of half these dishes, nor have I ever cooked Vietnamese food, much less eaten it! I am really learning a lot tonight.
  • Poor Brandi burned her pork belly and has no time to start over, so now she has to make do with what is left.
  • There is a lot of pressure in the kitchen tonight–no pun intended.
  • It is always so nerve wracking to see the judges walk around and taste each dish.

Top 3:

  • Michael–Vietnamese beef stew
  • Christian–Vegetable beef pho
  • Dara–Rice porridge

Michael wins immunity!

Bottom 3:

  • Bri–Pan seared salmon
  • Brandi–Vietnamese pork belly
  • Emily– Lemongrass pork salad

Bri is eliminated.

  • More next week, stay tuned!


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