Only Murders in the Building Recap for Hello Darkness

Only Murders in the Building Recap for Hello Darkness

Only Murders in the Building Recap for Hello Darkness

This week’s episode of Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building opens with Marv narrating the episode. He talks about crime in NYC as he eats in the diner with the other superfans. They debate about the OMITB podcast, but the others want to start a new one, saying the OMITB one is overboard and treading water.


Marv says he is sticking to his favorite podcast and gets up to leave, still narrating about crime in NYC, particularly the 6th Avenue Slasher. All the while, Mabel, Charles and Oliver are there eating and talking.


The power goes out as Marv goes to talk to them about Lucy (whom the trio was talking about) and his 6th Avenue Slasher theory.


Mabel wants to get to Lucy back in the Arconia since Charles cannot get in touch with her over the phone. Oliver, who was trying to get his DNA results, decides to wait and get dips from Ivan. Since the power is out, he needs to get rid of them and says Oliver can have them for no charge.


Marv is still there, wanting to talk to the trio.


Back at the Arconia, Lucy is wandering around Charles’s apartment, while Marv narrates about how people come together in tragedy.


Downstairs, Ursula and Lester are trying to calm everyone down. Nina calls Lester, demanding that he bring her a package. He says she is on floor 14 and she threatens his job. He tells her he will be up in a few more than five minutes.

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The trio also prepares to go upstairs while Ursula hands out Gut Milk, saying the first is free and then it is cash only.


Howard sees a new guy and wants to talk to him. He admits he is nervous, but Dr. Grover talks to him and convinces him to go for it.


The trio continues to go to Charles’s place. Oliver is complaining about it, so Mabel tells him to snap out of it.


Howard is back in his apartment, trying t get his cat to eat. He plans to visit his cute guy by saying he needs batteries. As he goes to leave, the guy, who is named Jonathan, is there, also wanting batteries. Howard admits he does actually have batteries and invites him in.


Lester ends up at Nina’s and asks to sit because it was a lot of stairs. She begrudgingly lets him in, but not before he knows the baby is asleep.


Lucy is waiting in the apartment when she hears a noise. She thinks it is Charles, but it is a masked figure. She goes to hide in the bathroom secret passage as the stalker follows. The trio finally make it to the apartment and think Glitter Guy is after her. They go to find her.


Howard and Jonathan bond over their careers. Jonathan is a Broadway guy who wants to be a librarian and Howard is a librarian wanting to make it on Broadway.


Lucy continues to hide as Glitter Guy tries to find her.

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Lester puts together a baby swing for Nina. The two of them talk about the building and what happened to Bunny. He feels guilty because he knows he let the killer into the building. She hopes the killer doesn’t go after board presidents. At that moment, the baby begins to cry.


The trio is lost in the secret passage and decide to sit. Oliver quips that he hasn’t gotten this much exercise since he directed a Suzanne Somers commercial. They realize Marv is right and they are stuck on this case.


Jonathan and Howard begin singing Sound of Silence and before long, everyone in the building is singing. The baby stops crying, while Oliver is told to shush because the killer is there.


Howard and Jonathan are about to kiss, but he sneezes because he is allergic to cats. He leaves.


Lucy finally finds the trio and admits that she was in the building the night Bunny dies. She thinks he is in the building now. They quiz her on the masked person and all she can remember is that the person sneezed.


They all go to leave when they come face to face with the masked person. They all run to get to the lobby. Mabel grabs the dips on the way and smacks the masked person….just as the lights come back on.


The masked person is none other than Marv.


Lester goes to leave and talks to Nina about the building plans. She offers him a new job as the Director of Resident Support.

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Howard goes back to Jonathan’s and says that he will send his cat to a friend and clean up the cat hair so they can date. Jonathan agrees, but tells Howard to keep the cat.


Marv admits he was protecting Lucy from the 6th Avenue Stalker. He wants to catch him, be a part of the podcast and reunite with his daughter. He knows the passages because he is a mold inspector….and that explains the outfit. Lucy says he is not the killer or Glitter Guy and that person was scared off by Marv.


The trio is confused and go to look for Lucy, who disappeared. They run into Detective Kreps, who was talking to Lucy. The four make some awkward small talk and then the guys walk away with Lucy.


Detective Kreps interrogates Mabel, who does some interrogating of her own.  She finds it odd he is there and interrogating teenage girls. He says that is a perk in his job.


Howard bumps into Detective Kreps as he is leaving with Jonathan. Detective Kreps winces in pain, saying he got a new tattoo on his arm. He then sees someone staring at him and makes a nasty comment. As he turns his head, Mabel sees glitter on his neck…..and the episode comes to a close.

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