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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights for 8/17/22

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights for 8/17/22

  • Happy birthday, Kyle!
  • How is Rinna still blaming Sutton for….well, I am not really sure what Sutton did at this particular dinner, but she is still being blamed.
  • The poor charity representatives and the dentist’s wife all look like they would like to be anywhere else.
  • Why are they all airing dirty laundry and personal business at this charity dinner?
  • I am confused as to why Sutton is being called for Erika’s legal case, but she is right, Erika is absolutely a liability with this legal case.
  • Wait, so Erika put this all in motion? I am so confused.
  • Diana is attacking Garcelle for being guarded, but doesn’t seem to be making any kind of effort on her end.
  • Maybe Garcelle doesn’t like Diana, maybe she is busy, maybe she is slow to open up…it could be a million things as to why she isn’t opening up….
  • Of course, Rinna is opening her mouth and sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong by gaslighting Garcelle for allegedly making Diana feel bad. Good for Garcelle on calling her out!
  • My heart breaks for Crystal. I truly hope she gets the help she needs.
  • Kathy is right about only having to account for ‘me, myself and I.’
  • Kathy randomly asking for a cracker out of nowhere is such a mood.
  • Kyle is so cute with how excited she was to receive roller skates.
  • The food at Kyle’s birthday dinner looks delicious.
  • So, Rinna and Erika meet up to trash talk Sutton, who really didn’t DO anything and Sutton and Kyle start off talking about the Erika debacle and then say eff it, and talk about Sutton’s date. Makes sense in a weird way.
  • Dorit and Phoenix are so cute together. I also cannot believe Phoenix is so big, she was only 4 months when Dorit began on the show.
  • Rinna talking down to the poor brand ambassadors and demanding real lemons and limes really pissed me off….the girls didn’t need to be told three or four times, I think she understood you wanted real lemons and limes. As someone who spent years working in the service industry and as a brand ambassador, I felt for those girls!
  • I laughed way too hard at Garcelle’s failed attempt at trying cocaine.
  • I don’t always agree with Diana, but I am on her side about staying in a hotel. When I am around a lot of people, I need my own space at the end of the day.
  • We all deserve a friend like Garcelle. She goes to bat for those she loves… it should be!
  • The ladies should not blame Sutton for the fact that they are not close to Garcelle, it is kind of on them for their attitudes.
  • Can they have ONE event where they leave Sutton alone. Cheese and rice!
  • This whole Erika issue is getting tiring, just saying.
  • More next week, stay tuned.
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