American Song Contest Recap for 4/25/2022

American Song Contest Recap for 4/25/2022

American Song Contest Recap for 4/25/2022

Ada Leann (Michigan), Tenelle (American Samoa), John Morgan (North Carolina) and Sweet Taboo (California) are all moving on to the semi-finals.

Kentucky: Jordan Smith with Sparrow–Holy cow, what a way to begin the night…..WOW. I am in awe and in tears listening to this performance. It was probably one of the most powerful performances I have ever seen on a singing competition show. WOW.

Colorado: Riker Lynch with Feel The Love–That was an incredible performance as well. The vibe, the excitement, the energy….all of it made for a memorable performance. It is like he combined his OG music with his DWTS performances with his Glee days and came up with what we saw tonight.

New Hampshire: Mari with Fly–This is an anthem for everyone who has a dream. I feel like it could be played at graduations or motivational events to get people pumped to follow their dreams. I love this song and plan to sing it to my goddaughter every chance I get!

Washington: Allen Stone with A Bit of Both–I love the Beatles meets rock and roll vibe of this song. There is something so different and special about his voice, I can’t put my finger on it, but I am in awe!

Alabama: Ni/Co with The Difference–The performance itself was simple–no bells or whistles–but that is what made it so powerful. It is a love song for the ages and I am HERE! FOR! IT!

Wyoming: Ryan Charles with New Boot Goofin’–This has a fun energy and beat to it. I am glad he was brought back to the competition. He has a fun, funky personality and talent to boot–no pun intended!

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Rhode Island: Hueston with Held On Too Long–Another powerful ballad….a little bit of country, a little bit of soul and a lot of emotion. I think our boy got himself a ticket to the finals!

Montana: Jonah Prill with Fire It Up–Another wonderful country performance. He reminds me of a mix of Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan….I cannot wait to see what he does next.


Michigan: Ada Leann with Natalie–For someone who is the youngest in the competition, she is wise beyond her years. I am so impressed with her range, voice and stage presence. This is a girl who is going places!

Massachusetts: Jared Lee with Shameless–WOW. I literally have no words for this performance. It is by far my favorite of the night. Everything about it has me speechless. I have a feeling this is just the beginning and we will be seeing a LOT of him in the future.

Oklahoma: Alexa with Wonderland–What a way to end the night. She definitely gives me a lot of nineties vibes and her spirit just makes me so happy. I adore her and smiled throughout her entire performance.


WINNER for tonight: ALLEN STONE!!

More next week, stay tuned.

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