ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Senor Don Gato

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Senor Don Gato

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Senor Don Gato

The episode opens with Phil, Randi, Carter and Kat listening to Max’s music. Everyone seems to love it, but Randi is snarky and signs off to go back to class.


Carter shows off pictures of CJ’s ski vacation with his mom and her new boyfriend. He is jealous, so he plans on getting him a pair of popular sneakers. Kat agrees to go when everyone else bails. Carter didn’t think she would be interested, so she tells the story of how she can get aggressive on lines, particularly when it comes to Harry Potter.


On the line, the two try to bond and end up making friends with people on line. They talk about choir class and end up singing together.


Sheila walks in on Randi trying to have a nice night alone. She was hoping for time with Kat, but decides to stay anyway.


Oscar comes over, venting about his job. He is upset that his usual truck was given away and being forced to work on his day off. Randi tries to convince them to go to the bar and pushes them out the door.


Randi once again tries to relax, only to have Max come over and obsess over his song. He plays it for her again, which only makes her more annoyed. As he tries to question her about the song, Phil comes in, saying he has an emergency with the penis cookies he is making for a bachelorette party. They all go downstairs to fix things, while Randi still hopes for time alone. However, she ends up having to help both guys more in terms of music and cookies.

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Back on the line, everyone is singing again when Carter gets a call from his son. He goes to take it and Kat promises to save his spot. However, she ends up going to save a cat, almost getting run over and losing said spot. Her new friends send her to the back of the line, upsetting both her and Carter. She tries to fix things in order to ensure he get the sneakers, but sadly the size they need are sold out.


Sheila, Oscar and Darren are in the bar talking and venting. Darren tries to figure out the tasks Carter left him and ends up forgetting to  check IDS.


Randi and Max finish helping Phil with his penis cookies when Oscar comes in, all upset that his rant went to his boss, thanks to voice to text and Shelia hitting send instead of erase. The gang gives him ideas on how to handle it, but Randi convinces him to own it. He calls his boss and ends up getting his truck back, but has to work Sundays for the next month as punishment.


Randi gets ready to finally enjoy her night alone when Phil says he needs to see female anatomy for the bachelorette party. She flashes him, but refuses to show anything else, as does Sheila. Randi then goes upstairs and takes her bath, only to have Max play his song from the living room.


Carter and Kat bond again and he confesses that he is upset that his ex-wife got engaged. Kat helps him see that he has his own happiness and can start his own chapter. The man in charge of the sneaker event sees the cat Kat rescued and says it belongs to his boss. She gives him back and ends up getting the coveted sneakers as a reward.

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The episode ends with everyone bonding at the bar together as Carter congratulates his ex on her engagement.



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