ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Dagobah, a Room, and a Chimney Sweep

ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Dagobah a Room and a Chimney Sweep

ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Dagobah, a Room, and a Chimney Sweep

This week’s first episode opens with Gina (Annaleigh Ashford) showing Jerry (David Anthony Higgins), Spencer (Jim Beaver), Bette (Jane Seymour) and Norma (Linda Lavin) a new, upgraded room.  Jerry comments that it belonged to Mr. Kneudsen, who ‘died on the crapper,’ but Norma reminds him that someone died in all the rooms.


Everyone falls in love with the room, which includes Alexa lights, a steam shower and a heated floor. The toilet flushes mid-tour and it is discovered that Bert is ‘not living there.’


Spencer jokes with Alexa about being a sovereign citizen as Gina begins to sing.


Harry (Hector Elizondo) and Drew(Thomas Middleditch) reach their special destination, which is a snowy area. Harry is enchanted, but Drew is less impressed. As they continue their drive, Drew remains distracted, while Harry tries to make Star Wars references to make him happy.


Things get more complicated when they get stuck in the snow. Drew begins to spill his guts when they realize they have no heat. He tells Harry they can cuddle for warmth or freeze to death. Harry says they are going to die.


Gabby (Kether Donahue) goes to get Gina, who is bombarded with everyone wanting the new room. She ends up promising it to Norma, but is informed that Bette is on the top of the list. This causes a lot of problems and fights with everyone, much to Gabby’s delight.

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Bette tries to convince Spencer to let her have the room because she is his girlfriend. He says he doesn’t get what he wants and she does, so he sure does have a girlfriend.


Norma tries to convince Jerry to give up the room, while Spencer tells Gina to give it to Bette…..but really to him when she walks away. Gina gets more frustrated with everyone bugging her so she says nobody gets it.


Drew and Harry find shelter and whiskey and settle in for the night. They end up bonding and enjoying each other’s company more than before.


Gideon (Darryl Stephens) has Gina sign some papers when the gang comes in, saying that they want to give the room to Harry so he doesn’t have to live in the room where he was with his wife. She thinks it is nice and leaves randomly.


The episode ends with everyone presenting Harry with the room…..as he closes the curtains.


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