Celebrity Spotlight: Katherine Geren

Celebrity Spotlight: Katherine Geren

Celebrity Spotlight: Katherine Geren

Katherine Geren is one of the most incredible up and coming women in show business today. She is a triple threat as a writer, actress and producer and shows no signs of slowing down.


Now the Amelia’s Story alum is getting ready to launch her biggest project to date….Elisa’s Almost Thirty, which is set to debut on October 5th.  She once again shows off her trifecta of skills and there is no doubt she is going to become a household name once the show airs.


In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, the brunette beauty revealed that she show is loosely based on her own life. She hopes that other women are able to relate to the characters, especially those who are entering their thirties and dealing with different aspects of life.


It is also something that is near and dear to her heart and has a special dedication and meaning. Katherine revealed that the main character in the show is based on and dedicated to her cousin who passed away before the project could be completed. She was very close to her and wanted to find a way to honor her through the show,which led to her making Elisa into the character we will see grow throughout the series.


Katherine is a wonderful person with incredible talent, but she is an even better role model for women. She has shown us how hard work and dedication can be an asset in life, but more importantly, she has shown us that it is better to have a good heart and integrity. She is someone special and will continue to succeed in all that she does in life!

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