The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for 9/1/2021

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for 9/1/2021

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for 9/1/2021


Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo opens with Dorit showing PK her new bridal line. He helps her come up with names and ideas for each dress.

As they work, they talk about renewing vows, marriages breaking up…..and of course Erika. She also calls him out on talking too much, and uses that as an excuse for why she talks so much with the girls.

Later on, Kyle and Sutton meet up at Sutton’s new house….which is $5,350,000. Kyle quips that she is counting the rent money from Sutton while she still can.

They sit outside to talk about Kyle’s anniversary plans and the fight with Erika. Sutton says she feels as if Erika betrayed her and that they need to have a ‘hardcore’ conversation.

Sutton points out that Erika has lied, but Kyle tries to come up with excuses.

Crystal has Erika, Kathy and Garcelle over for Chinese food. Kathy talks about her upcoming party and having to polish the silver and crystal.

The topic then switches to Sutton and how she is protecting her reputation. Kathy points out that everyone has problems and skeletons in their closets, while Erika says Sutton is not very important.

Crystal says nobody knew who Sutton was in certain social circles, so Garcelle defends her and says she had no idea who Crystal was until recently.

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Mauricio treats Kyle to a beautiful 25th anniversary celebration. She is thrilled because she never thought this would happen and because she never had a good role model when it came to marriage.

The next night, everyone gets together for Kathy’s party. It starts out cute and fun, but then Erika begins to attack Sutton.

Lisa then suggests they ring a bell to talk, but this leads to more arguing between Sutton and Erika. Dorit also gets in on it by saying everyone’s name is mentioned whenever there is an article about Erika.

Erika says she will remember who is for and against her and that nothing in her life effects anyone else.

Garcelle says it is human nature to question this, but Erika then attacks her as well. This of course, leads to another fight and Erika trying to defend herself.

Sutton also tries to defend herself, but is attacked and called two faced. Garcelle defends her, but the other women continue to treat her like a scapegoat.

It all comes to a head when Erika accuses Sutton of calling her a liar…..but we need to wait until next week to find out what happens. Stay tuned.

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