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The Real Housewives of New York City Recap for Ho Ho Holidays

Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo opens with the ladies going about their days….Leah giving her dog a manicure, Eboni doing her DNA test and Luann meeting Sonja and Ramona for lunch.



Sonja talks about how the matchmaker is finding her a man, but right now…..she is enjoying having sex with Dylan.

The topic switches to how Eboni broke up with her boyfriend because he wanted a woman who was born Jewish. Sonja realizes that she wasn’t supposed to tell, so they all call her to check in with her.

Eboni insists she is fine and says she will see them later

(Sammi thought: I will never unsee Sonja pantomiming an erection with her phone.)



Leah’s siblings come over bearing gifts and mementos from her grandmother. As they sit down to eat, Sarah says that she may be pregnant because she keeps getting sick.

The trio talk about Leah’s conversion, telling her parents and…comparing it to Carmela and the priest in the Sopranos?

(Sammi thought: Leah’s brother is a cutie, but way TMI from her saying that he may have been a surprise baby!)



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Sonja meets with her assistant, interns and team…which includes her dog and healer.

Today’s meeting is about her séance experience where her dad appeared. Her healer lets her talk things out and helps her manifest things correctly.

(Sammi thought: This was actually quite interesting….and makes me understand Sonja on a deeper level.)



Eboni and Ashley find out that they are not sisters after all. Ashley is very heartbroken and in tears, which makes Eboni feel worse. She promises to always be there for her and they will continue their relationship.

(Sammi thought: My heart absolutely breaks for them both. I was really hoping they would be sisters and Eboni would find more happiness and answers that she wanted and deserves. Same for Ashley.)



Sonja meets with her branding team to discuss finances. Gurav, who is in charge of the finances, keeps giving vague answers. This worries her, so she calls on Ramona to help her out.

Ramona explains her experience and how she thinks Ramona should be getting money. Gurav claims she got $10,000 in checks that have not been cashed, but Sonja insists it was only $2,000 and she didn’t cash it because it was insulting.

This leads to an argument, but they finally come to a decision to make things work. They decide to have tequila….but not before one of the ladies wets her pants.

(Sammi thought: The whole thing seems fishy to me….I hope Sonja isn’t getting ripped off. Also, these women need Lisa Rinna’s Depends contract.)

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It is time to shoot the Christmas music video. Leah and Eboni drive over together and discuss the DNA results. Eboni tells her that she is going to a geneticist to get more answers.

Ramona and Luann begin to shoot, but of course run into some hiccups. As they try to get things smoothed out, Leah and Eboni show up. Leah’s dog Angel runs around, which makes Luann more agitated.

Everyone else eats drinks and acts merry, despite the fact that they are talking about Eboni’s breakup. Luann also apparently broke up with Garth?

(Sammi thought: Samantha Jones had it right, there are men and babies, but good friends are true soulmates. These women may have a unique relationship, but they are in an odd way, soulmates.)


Apparently, Dylan called Ramona to get Sonja the night of the party because she was passed out drunk. She and Luann are very worried about her, but are at a loss of what to do.

When she finally comes, she brings a thank you hostess gift for Luann. She also brags about her night with Dylan, even though everyone else knows the truth….he has a girlfriend and the evidence is on Instagram.

(Sammi thought: So apparently, Sonja was in the picture or video, so did she randomly make it up do people thought she was getting laid? I am genuinely confused….and concerned.)

Oh, and she is meeting Mr. Marriage Material the next day… I guess she needed to get it all out of her system?

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Now she is saying it was a threesome…maybe? But Ramona thinks she only passed out asleep based on Dylan’s claims.

Eboni feels bad that Sonja has to make things up for attention. (Sammi thought: SAME!)



The shooting finally begins and it turns out that not only will it not be out in time for Christmas, but Luann decided to take Leah’s legal advice.

Ramona gets an emergency phone call, which holds up shooting, but she puts things on hold to finish the shoot.

More next week, stay tuned.


Final thoughts:

Will we ever see this music video?

Why is Sonja making stuff up?

The dog should have also been dressed up.

Champagne and caviar will get people to agree to anything, including making cheesy music videos.

Was Dylan being a gentleman by bringing Sonja to his place?

I am confused as to why Sonja wanted Ramona’s money advice.

The video shoot was actually adorable.

I just spent the past hour singing this song to my cat. Maybe I do need my own ‘just you’ this year?

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