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The Bachelor: Two On Ones, Telenovelas and Drama…OH MY!

The bachelor
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Tonight’s episode of ABC’s The Bachelor follows the final ten girls Chile as they continue to fight for Peter’s heart.

He got his stitches removed and now has a scar.

The girls discuss the mini cocktail party in the middle of the rose ceremony. Mykenna acts all teary and Victoria F calls her out…when she pretty much cried the entire season. POT MEET KETTLE!

Hannah Ann gets the first one on one date, upsetting Natasha, who says she is too young for marriage.

The date consists of them enjoying the city, kissing and eating local food. The food is messy and gets everywhere, so it is hilarious.

They also meet a local and discuss love and their relationships in Spanish.

Later on, they discuss love and that she is saving being in love for one person. Fair. However, this worries Peter. He also worries about how young she is….even though almost all the girls are that young. How does he NOT know this?

At dinner, she discuses modeling and how it is not a job….but allows her to go deep. HUH? She also talks about being in a 3 1/2 year relationship but never being in love with him. The conversation becomes strained and awkward….to the point where he excuses himself.

She follows him and tearfully says she cannot smile though it and says she cares about him. WHAT? None of this makes sense.

She says the breakdown is due to her falling in love. Fair enough.

Did he leave again? Oh, no, he got the rose and tells her she doesn’t have to have her happy face on all the time. She accepts the rose and they seal it with a kiss.

I’m gonna let you all finish, but that was the most awkward date of all time.

Victoria F gets the one on one, while everyone else is on the group date. MyKenna is in tears and declares she is done.

The group date is a telenovela that is so cringey…..until Chris Harrison shows up to say that he is kissing his aunt….who is of course MyKenna, who is the maid Rosa.

At the after party, Peter takes turns talking and making out with each girl. I am pretty sure he tells each girl the same thing, just changes the wording.

He actually ends up ending things with Victoria P, which is a bit surprising. She is worried for him and tells him she hopes he is making the right decision.

Tammy and MyKenna keep fighting and it annoys the other girls. They are so loud they interrupt Madison and Peter, then both storm off. Tammy also attacks Kelsey.

Peter and MyKenna talk and he continues to reassure her that everything is okay.

Madison gets the rose.

Victoria F and Peter go horseback riding and enjoy time together. They talk about their relationship and she cries….contradicting what she told MyKenna.

Their date becomes more and more awkward and I honestly don’t know what to say.

She excuses herself to cry and….basically does what she yelled at MyKenna for doing. Yet she gets a rose.

Now MyKenna and Tammy have the two on one date. It is a surprise to everyone and of course they each want the other one gone.

The women continue to fight even before the date begins. Peter questions them both and it more or less becomes a he said/she said game.

They continue to fight and….REALLY? Tammy calls MyKenna out for being emotional and fake…again, how is this different from any other girl? At least Alayah was sweet and her only crime was being too ‘on.’ Granted, she squealed about Victoria F, but how was she supposed to know no one else knew? I’d assume Victoria would have said something.

Tammy is sent home.

Peter then spends time with the other women before we get to the rose ceremony.

Madison, Hannah Ann and Victoria F all have roses.




Mykenna and Sydney are sent home.

More next week! Stay tuned.

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