The Real Housewives of New York City Recap For Bitching and Ramoning

The Real Housewives of New York City Recap For Bitching and Ramoning

The Real Housewives of New York City Recap For Bitching and Ramoning

Tonight’s episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York opens with the continuation of the Shabbat dinner. Leah is still talking to Eboni over Facetime, while Ramona goes to the kitchen to eat. She says she is older learning a new world.


Everyone else just feels awkward and tries to make the best of the night. Ramona finally joins them again, saying her meltdown was due to hunger.


Sonja keeps stealing tequila during the blessing, which worries Ramona.


Eboni explains the bond between blacks and Jews and why this is so important to her. She thanks Ramona for trying to understand.


However, it is short lived because Archie tries to read more, which annoys Ramona. Sonja also begins babbling, which worries Ramona even more because she knows it is the booze talking.  It gets so bad that Sonja ends up storming out of the room.


As Luann calms Sonja down, Liana talks about her medical issues and the horrible treatment she got due to racist attitudes. Ramona says it happened to her as well, but Sonja, who just came back to the table, tries to pick a fight with Ramona about her making it about herself.


Eboni also tries to explain things to Ramona about how she is inquisitive but adversarial. She also admits she is losing patience with Ramona.

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At this point, Ramona decides to leave. The other women are annoyed with her and Eboni even apologizes to Archie over her behavior.


We get a flashback of Ramona’s not so fine moments as she says goodbye.


The next day, Luann and Ramona discuss the party. Luann calls out Ramona for her behavior, but Ramona is not having any of it, saying she already apologized.


Luann is sick of the excuses, but Ramona insists she learned her lesson.


Sonja and Eboni meet up to talk and so Eboni can meet Sonja’s intern Emma. They also discuss the night before…..and Martin. Cue the fighting flashbacks.


Eboni also brings up how Sonja peed in Archie’s driveway and how her behavior was inappropriate. She says she is going to talk to Ramona as well, even though she received an apology.


Meanwhile, Marley the dog is acting up and eating their food.


That night, everyone meets for dinner….with Leah on Facetime. However, she hangs up when Ramona arrives to avoid hearing her gaslighting Sonja.


Several other people from the Fortune Society show up as well to talk about the organization. It is actually very interesting to hear their stories and everything they had to deal with in terms of prison, drugs and the like. These women are so strong and dealt with so much, only to rise above and become better.


The ladies continue to bond…..even though Eboni was supposed to have left a long time ago. She and Ramona talk about how they are so much alike in certain ways and how it is so surprising.

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Leah’s daughter and ex come by to visit and talk. She admits she is a bit over her head with things and he seems to be supportive.


Eboni meets with a genetics investigator who tells her she was able to find three brothers and one of them can possibly be her father. She tells her it is probably one of the younger two, which completely blows Eboni away. She is in tears because all this information is a lot for her to deal with at once.


Linda the investigator shows her pictures, which makes Eboni even happier that she has new possibilities of finding her family.


More next week, stay tuned!

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