Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 3/13/2023

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 3/13/2023

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 3/13/2023

The episode opens with Bob talking to Goodwin and Kofo about their feud. They both give their sides of the story while Bob tries to get them to work things out at home.


Later on, Bob has an inspirational note on his computer from Tunde, who wants to be more encouraging. They want to figure out a job for Kofo, who is happy to be working with them. However, Bob wants him to make up with Goodwin, leading to an apologizing debate and a cute bonding moment with Kofo and Tunde.


Kofo continues to plead his case on how he can be helpful at the new building and ends up convincing Bob to let him stay. He is more than happy when he gets a thank you from Bob.


That night, Bob and Abishola cuddle with wine, but he is more interested in helping find a way to bring Kofo and Goodwin back together. The two of them end up arguing over how she shows her emotions. She grabs the wine and blanket, storming off to the bedroom.


Gloria and Abishola are sending a patient to surgery when Kemi comes in to tell them about a birthday party for a coworker. Gloria cannot attend because it is her and Lester’s anniversary. Abishola has no idea who Lester is, but Kemi is more focused on the gift Gloria got Lester and confesses to keeping track of gifts people get each other. This leads to a debate between the women and Kemi adding them to another list.

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Christina is offered a new job and  the office thanks to Kofo leaving, but Douglas wants it. The two of them fight until Dottie tells them that nobody will get the office. The fighting continues with Dottie insulting Douglas and Christina. Goodwin and Bob get annoyed and leave.


Bob and Kofo go to the bar after work. Goodwin joins them so that Bob can help them make up. However, they fight some more until Bob drinks some more and brings Kofo home to crash on his couch. Abishola isn’t happy, but sets up the couch for him anyway.


At lunch, the ladies are eating as Abishola complains about Kofo working around the house and Kemi thinking she cannot appreciate anything. They argue with Gloria continuously reminding them that they are friends.


Bob tries to get Goodwin to apologize to Kofo, but he refuses…..even when Bob threatens to fire him.


Later on, Kofo continues to play good houseguest by serving Ebun, Olu and Dottie martinis. They love him and wonder why he is still single. Abishola tells him to switch the booze to water, which he says he did several martinis ago.


Bob brings Goodwin home, causing the cousins to conntinue to fight. Kofo ends up staying with Bob and Abishola, much to her chagrin. Dele offers to let Kofo stay in his room, but she refuses when he says he would like this deal.


Abishola and Gloria are  saying goodbye to a departing patient when Kemi walks by. She is happy to see Abishola wearing scrubs she once gifted her, but puts the ladies on  her list for laughing at them as the episode comes to a close.

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