Married to Medicine Recap for Scott's Secret

Married to Medicine Recap for Scott’s Secret

Married to Medicine Recap for Scott’s Secret

This week’s Married to Medicine (titled Scott’s Secret) starts with Anila going to visit Quad . She shows off her extensions, which are stored in her bag. Quad tells her to treat them with kindness, much like she would treat her vajayjay.

They talk about Toya’s self absorbed behavior as they share a bottle of wine.


Dr. Simone shows Cecil a television report about a COVID scandal involving Lisa. She worries the scandal will impact the work they are doing together and wishes she would have listened to Dr. Heavenly.  She immediately calls Dr. Heavenly to tell her the news, who tells Dr. Jackie and Quad….and….well, you get the idea. Pretty soon, everyone knows and wants to know details. (#GossipTrain)


Dr. Contessa makes her family dinner while talking to her life coach. As she talks, Scott walks in and offers to go in the other room so she can finish her call.

She allows him to stay,  but he jumps in on some of the constructive criticism she is given. This leads to them talking about his actions and why they got married.

He reveals he has been seeing a life coach for the past several months. This upsets her because he never said anything. Dr. Contessa says it is classic Scott and tells him she wishes they can get connected. He gets angry, storms off and slams the door in the other room. (Someone is guilty of something or embarrassed about seeing a life coach.)

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Dr. Simone and Lisa’s virtual town hall voting event day arrives with the other women in tow to help.

As Dr. Simone gets things set up, she worries that the authorities might come in looking for Lisa. (That would make one heck of an IG Live, no?)

After the event, the women ask Lisa about the scandal if there are any federal charges against her. Lisa explains that she owns the lab, but it didn’t have equipment…so she just sent the tests out to another lab. The ladies don’t seem to believe her and think her behavior is crooked as hell.


The topic switches to a girls’ trip they are planning to Jekyll Island. However, they are already fighting over the issues between them and in their respective marriages. Anila even storms out due to her fight with Toya.

After she is gone, the fighting continues between Quad and Toya, but the eventually end up making up. (But will it last?)


The next day, Anila tells Dr. Jackie about her fight with Toya. Dr. Jackie tells her that if she wants to fix the friendship she needs to talk to Toya one on one…..or decide to let things go.

Dr. Jackie then switches the subject to the skincare line she is creating, leading the women to bond over their skin issues growing up.


The ladies get ready to leave for their trip. Kari gives Dr. Jackie a gift as a thank you for letting her to go, making a quip about the invite.

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Lisa arrives in an RV, saying that she is driving them to Jekyll Island. This leads to everyone joking that they would rather take alternative transportation.

However, she assures them that there is a driver and the ladies get ready to leave.

As they drive to pick up Dr. Contessa and Dr. Heavenly, they talk about what Toya would be like as an OB/GYN. (A snarky OB/GYN could be interesting) Once they join them (bearing food!) they talk about fear and trust.

This, of course, leads to Lisa being attacked.

More next week, stay tuned.

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