Married to Medicine Recap for Holi Mess

Married to Medicine Recap for Holi Mess

Married to Medicine Recap for Holi Mess

This week’s episode of Bravo’s Married to Medicine opens with the ladies going about their days. Quad and Anila have lunch together….dressed up in the same dress in different colors. They enjoy oysters and wine while discussing the party, men and the other ladies.

Dr. Contessa, Toya and Dr, Simone also enjoy cocktails together and have a thing or two to say about the party and other ladies.

We see back and forth with each group talking smack about the ladies who are not present. It seems like there is no love lost between Toya and Anila, which makes Dr. Contessa and Dr. Simone uncomfortable. Dr. Simone wants to have a couples party to talk about issues that occur in marriages. Everyone looks forward to attending.

Anila’s parents arrive for a month long visit. She teases her mom over the weight of her suitcase, which contains (among other things) a hairdryer and her special towel. Anila says that she would have provided what she wanted/needed.

She tells her parents and Mrs. Gomez about Holi, which is a color event that helps celebrate good over evil. It will be in conjunction with her daughter Aryana’s 5th birthday party. She invites the ladies, but isn’t sure if she will include Toya, due to the tension between everyone.

Dr. Jackie meets with her friend Eboni to plan an event they are doing with Volation Beauty. She wants to work on getting skincare for women of color and the company is more than happy to help. She looks forward to seeing how things develop.

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Dr. Simone’s party day arrives, which begins with Dr. Contessa quipping that her husband Scott thought it was a swinger party and some communication tension. Things calm down for dinner, where they discuss communication issues, especially during COVID. Each couple shares how they feel, which leads to a lot of tears, especially with Dr. Contessa and Scott.

Dr. Simone talks about how to compromise, which leads to Dr. Contessa and Scott coming to an agreement.

Holi/Birthday party time! Everything is in beautiful colors, with everyone excited to party and celebrate. However, there is still a bit of tension with the ladies.

Anila’s mom tells a lot of embarrassing stories about Anila from her youth, which leads to her asking to change the subject.

The guests enjoy the petting zoo and other activities at the party…..until a fight breaks out between the women. Anila yells at them not to do this at her daughter’s birthday party. This gets the women to stop fighting so they could celebrate Holi and of course, Aryana. The cake is cut and the colors are tossed as the ladies talk about what they want to leave behind. There is still some tension, but for now, it is put to rest until next week. Stay tuned!




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