Big Brother 25 Recap for 11/2/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 11/2/2023

It is another eviction night on CBS’s Big Brother 25. Either Felicia or Cirie will go to the jury house tonight and a new HOH will be crowned.


Jag tries to convince Matt that Cirie needs to go by telling him she is the bigger threat. Bowie joins the conversation and agrees.

Later on, Cirie talks to Bowie and apologizes over the Red incident and offers to work with her for the rest of the game, They hug it out, but Cirie is nervous about what is going to happen.


Cameron and Cory bond in the jury house when Blue and America join them. They watch the footage from the house and realize how much Jag is running the house. They think he will have to win the remaining competitions if he wants to remain in the house.


Felicia tries to turn Jag and Matt against each other by telling Matt that Jag and Bowie are talking smack about him behind his back. This gets back to Jag, who thinks Felicia is making it personal at this point. Bowie chimes in and tells him that Felicia is using him for her own gain. The two of them convince Matt it was all a misunderstanding, but Matt is more confused than ever.


Eviction time! The ladies give their last appeals before the vote. Cirie is evicted in another unanimous vote. She tells Julie she kind of knew it was coming and that she knows Jag is the mastermind in the house.  She also admits that working with Jared and being in the house was harder than she expected.

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HOH time! The remaining houseguests minus Matt must answer multiple choice questions based on images about BB Comic Julie. Jag and Bowie are tied, but in the end Bowie becomes HOH.


More Sunday, stay tuned.

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