Big Brother Recap for 9/15/19: And Then There Were Four

We are at the home stretch of CBS’s Big Brother. We have only four houseguests left and three are in danger of going to the jury. One will win HOH, guaranteeing them a place in the finale, while the others are in danger of being put on the block during the penultimate nomination ceremony.

We see a lot of flashbacks to Tommy being accused of lying by Nicole and Cliff. Tommy is understandably upset and Nicole calls a house meeting in order to get everything out in the open. This leads to Michie attacking Tommy, upsetting him even more and making Holly uncomfortable with the entire situation.

Nicole thinks Tommy is telling the truth, but Cliff isn’t sure and wants to protect his own rear end in the game. Michie promises to save Cliff, until he and Nicole consider keeping Tommy.

Holly throws the HOH in order to save herself, which ultimately leads to Nicole’s win. Even though Cliff is the first to fall, Holly isn’t sure if she should throw it until the last minute. This leads to Nicole winning and Holly regretting her decision because Nicole is now in the final three.

Cliff promises to save Michie if he is wins the POV. They make a final two deal, but Michie knows it is a lie because he plans to go with Holly.

Michie randomly has a breakdown over his behavior, leading to Holly saying Tommy knows this is a game and will understand why he did what he did.

Nicole is pissed when she finds out about Cliff’s deal with Michie.

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Nomination ceremony. Nicole puts Michie and Holly on the block. Stay tuned to see if they stay! The POV competition happens Wednesday on CBS’s Big Brother.

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