Sammi’s Favorite Things: Death at Rugosa Bay

Sammi's Favorite Things: Death at Rugosa Bay

Sammi’s Favorite Things: Death at Rugosa Bay

This month has been quite exciting when it comes to reading material. Between memoirs, tell-alls and new books in my favorite franchises, I have been having a blast reading!

One of my favorite books I have read this month was Death at Rugosa Bay, which is written by my friend Daphne McLean. It is another in the Jennifer Temple series, which follows a stay at home mom turned private investigator.

This book finds her on a much needed vacation…or so she thinks! When she decides to stay an extra week with her family and friend Stacey, she ends up in the middle of a murder investigation. While the local police don’t want her around, there are others willing to accept her help. However, her time is limited since several of her suspects are only in town for a high school reunion. Will she find the killer in time and bring them to justice? Find out by reading Death at Rugosa Bay, available wherever books are sold.


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