The Amazing Race Recap for Save the Stress for Later

The Amazing Race Recap for Save the Stress for Later

The Amazing Race Recap for Save the Stress for Later

We are in Santiago, Chile for this week’s episode of The Amazing Race on CBS! The teams depart in the order they made it to the pit stop and once they arrive at the destination get their first clue. They must look for Marilyn Monroe’s 1956 Thunderbird, where yet another clue will be waiting.


Danny helps Rod and Leticia, annoying Angie.


Kishori and Karishma struggle with driving a stick shift.


Yvonne and Melissa wonder if they choose the wrong detours, therefore, putting them behind.


Ricky and Cesar get lost, while Amber stresses out. Vinny tells her to calm down as she tells him they need to get on task and figure things out.


Roadblock! They must assemble a skateboard based on the example they are given in order to get their next clue. Juan and Shane jump the fence to get there first.  Danny and Cesar complete if for their respective teams. Rod and Juan also do the roadblock and end up working together. However, both their first attempts are wrong and they must start over.


Sunny and Bizzy get lost.


Vinny completes the detour for his team.


Angie and Danny finish the roadblock and head to the detours. They can either perform for pesos, which has them learn a routine and perform as a street performer and earn 2,500 pesos,  or climb for clues, which has them climb a six-story rock wall while collecting ribbons.

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One by one, the teams head to the detours and choose one to do. Ricky and Cesar choose the pesos one, along with Angie and Danny, while Juan and Shane and Amber and Vinny choose the climbing detour.


Melissa, Derek and Karishma do the roadblock for their teams, while Bizzy and Sunny remain lost. Rod and Leticia also get lost on their way to the detour.


Ricky and Cesar finish the detour and head to Estacion Mapocho for the pit stop. Juan and Shane are hot on their heels, followed by Amber and Vinny.


Rod quickly finishes the pesos detour and heads to the pit stop with Leticia. Angie and Danny are not too far behind.


Ricky and Cesar are the first to check in and win a trip to Singapore. Juan and Shane are very close behind in second place.


Sunny and Bizzy finally complete the roadblock while Yvonne and Melissa head to the climbing detour. As they work, Amber and Vinny and Angie and Danny check in as the third and fourth teams, respectively. Rod and Leticia are next as team number 5.


Derek and Shelisa complete the climbing detour. Bizzy and Sunny head there as well, while Kishori and Karishma struggle with the roadblock. They finally join the climbing detour.


Yvonne and Melissa are team number six.


Sunny and Bizzy quickly complete the climbing detour. Derek and Shelisa are not too far behind, but get lost on the way to the pit stop.

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Kishori is scared to climb, but Karishma tells her to keep going.


Sunny and Bizzy are the seventh team to check in.


Derek and Shelisa are the eighth team to check in.


Kishori and Karishma are the ninth and final team to check in and therefore eliminated.


More next week, stay tuned.


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