Night Court Recap for Duke's A Hazard

Night Court Recap for Duke’s A Hazard

Night Court Recap for Duke’s A Hazard

The episode opens with Dan and Olivia watching a couple share pasta Lady and the Tramp style. Dan is snarky about it, while Olivia wonders if this is what it takes to fall in love. Wyatt, who is with them, adds his own snarkiness about the couple.


Gurgs and Abby join them in matching Rangers jerseys, excited about hockey. They talk about ordering jerseys and jock straps with ‘your name’ written on them due to a confusing website, which earns them snark from Dan, who chants that he is leaving.


Gurg’s boyfriend Allistair joins them (while accidentally stealing food) and kisses Gurgs. Abby explains that it is night court with an N and he says he is happy to meet them, even though he is reeling on the inside. A random guy makes a comment about stealing stuff.


Later on, Allistair apologizes for stealing, saying royals don’t carry money and it was a misunderstanding. He has tea with Gurgs, who is delighted he is there. Abby, who is also with them, is uncomfortable with the entire thing, especially since they are all in her office.


Duncan the valet joins them to give Allistair his schedule, which involves them hitting the town with Gurgs. He takes him to get ready for dinner while the girls talk about the relationship. Gurgs thinks they have a good thing going and leaves for her date.


That night, Abby presides over another case, which involves a guy stealing tea and dumping it into the Hudson. After he is fined, Allistair claps (with help from Duncan) while Olivia snarks over a guard in the back of the courtroom.

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Duncan makes fun of Dan and claims their families have been feuding for years. The two of them bicker over the situation, which Dan thinks is ridiculous.


Abby is eating and spilling jelly beans when Allistair approaches her, telling her that he has a date planned for Gurgs, which involves a carriage ride with corgis. He makes fun of her freedom of eating jelly beans off the floor as he walks away. She hears video games and walks in on Gurgs playing them, dressed in a fancy hat with two cups attached.


Gurgs admits she is hiding from her boyfriend and isn’t happy with him. Abby tells her to tell him the truth, but he walks in with a carriage of corgis. Abby takes the hat (with the cups filled with yogurt) and is made fun of by Allistair, who wonders if judges are chosen game show style.

Olivia tries to talk to the guard, who remains silent and at attention, while Dan moons over Allistair’s grudge against his family. Wyatt tries to give him advice, while Duncan comes into the room, still blaming his family. This leads to Dan freaking out and Wyatt doing research on the duel, which leaves him disappointed that nobody gets to kill anyone.


Abby is in her office eating when Allistair comes in. She suggests he takes her to the hockey game and offers him her tickets. He says he will take her with the corgis, but she tells him Gurgs wants something normal ands tries to give him more ideas on what to do. He seemingly agrees.

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Dan prepares for the valet off, with Olivia wondering how this is going to work. Duncan brings in Kenny, who made fun of the stealing earlier, because he is a descendant of royalty. He seems confused and just wants Jello.


Abby takes Allistair to the subway to show him something normal, but he is not happy about it. She tries to explain things about New York being the greatest city, but he is still confused. He finally agrees to go on the subway while dropping his coat and jumping over the turnstile. He declares himself normal.


The valet off continues with the guys serving Kenny tea. Olivia tries once again to hit on the guard, with no luck.


Dan ends up winning the tea-off, which leads Duncan to run away in embarrassment.


Allistair is ready for the date, with Abby saying he is acting normal. Gurgs walks in and freaks out that he listened to her, causing her to run away. Abby goes after her and the ladies have a nice talk about the situation. Allistair joins them and ends up having a sweet moment with the yogurt hat as Abby leaves….with Furgs….the British version of Gurgs.


Wyatt eats in the cafeteria and tells Dan about the whole battle, which leads to him discovering Kenny is actually a family who his fought against. Kenny wants him to draw him a bath, but Dan refuses, once again giving him sass over the whole situation.


The episode ends with Olivia finally getting the guard to talk.

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