Married to Medicine Recap for Chanel Charade

Married to Medicine Recap for Chanel Charade

Married to Medicine Recap for Chanel Charade

This week’s Married to Medicine on Bravo opens with Toya on a photo shoot, while Dr. Simone’s husband Cecil meets up with Dr. Eugene and Scott for drinks. However, before Scott attends, Dr. Eugene and Cecil talk about the couples’ therapy night they all attended and how they plan to move forward in their respective relationships.

When Scott arrives, they all do a shot and continue the conversation, which now includes how Dr. Contessa and Toya are now getting along… well as an attractive woman now working at the hospital.

Anila shows Ms. Gomez and  Avir the progress on the new house. She says there is light at the end of the tunnel, both with the house and in her life in general.

However, she worries about Aryana, who told Ms. Gomez that she wishes that she had blonde hear and blue eyes, because that will make her beautiful. This breaks Anila’s heart because she went through the same thing as a child.

Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie have lunch together and discuss the work that needs to be done in Atlanta so people come out and vote. Their friend Lisa was supposed to be helping them, but instead seemed to have taken over everything.

Dr. Heavenly and Zachary take a look at the property they plan to use as an AirBnB. She picks on him about the wine he has in the house and his decorating skills, but they also have a sweet bonding moment.

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Dr. Contessa meets with her life coach and talks about where things stand with Scott. She realizes he is a lot like her father, who was never available. Her life coach says that she should give herself grace so she  can help improve things in her life.

Aryana tells Anila about school and how someone named Evan was mean to a kid named Daniel. Anila tells her that she can tell her anything that bothers her. This leads to the two of them bonding over feeling different. Anila tells Aryana that she is beautiful and makes her say it out loud.  She also tells her that her cousin was Miss America and looked just like them

Lisa prepares for a special six course dinner she is hosting. The ladies arrive one by one, but things seem awkward. Dr. Simone tells Lisa that she is irritated about how she took credit for the event they were planning.

Things get even more tense when Toya arrives and begins swapping place settings.

Lisa begins to tell the other women about the event, which causes the tension between her and Dr. Simone to intensify. Things get even worse when Lisa tries to give Dr. Heavenly a Chanel gift for…..calling her out for sending a picture of her stomach? Dr. Heavenly gets angry and storms out.

It turns out the gift was a scale so Lisa and Dr. Heavenly could compare weights.

Dr. Simone goes to talk to Dr. Heavenly, while the other ladies are called out for enabling her. This causes another fight between the ladies. Toya takes Dr. Jackie aside to explain why she is angry and how she feels Dr. Heavenly has changed for the worse.

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More next week, stay tuned.

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