ICYMI: Mom Series Fianle Recap for My Kinda People and the Big To Do

ICYMI: Mom Series Fianle Recap for My Kinda People and the Big To Do

ICYMI: Mom Series Fianle Recap for My Kinda People and the Big To Do

The series finale opens with the ladies in an AA meeting. Wendy (Beth Hall) asks if the newcomer would like to share, but she does says no. Bonnie (Allison Janney) shares about the taxes that come out of her paycheck…..and wonders who FICA is and why they are stealing her money.

Bonnie asks the new girl (Melanie Lynskey) if she wants to share, but no avail, even though she says they have coffee and cookies.

Jill (Jaime Pressly) shares about how pregnancy makes her need to pee more often and how she had to tinkle behind a dumpster. She runs to the bathroom before finishing.

Tammy (Kristen Johnston) shares about her business with Bonnie and how she can make all the noise she wants when she stays with her boyfriend. Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy) says she only complains when noise bothered her cats.

As Marjorie shares, the new girl, Shannon, runs out of the meeting. Bonnie follows her to talk, but Shannon runs away. Bonnie chases her and tells her to come with her to get coffee, which is the only thing they are allowed when sober. Shannon agrees and goes with Bonnie.

The ladies meet Shannon at the bistro and get to know her and end up sharing stories about mistakes that they made before becoming sober. They tell her she has a chance to get better and Bonnie gives Shannon her number. Shannon thinks she can stay with her mom if she is drunk….she is happy when she drinks, but mean when on meth.

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Later that day, Bonnie comes home to Adam (William Fichtner), who says they need to talk. Bonnie freaks out, coming up with crazy scenarios. However, he tells her that they found a spot on his lungs and want him to go for more tests. Bonnie freaks out even more, wondering why he didn’t tell her what was happening. She agrees that she will go to the oncologist with him as she begins to cry, wondering if it is weird that she wants a cigarette.

Bonne calls Marjorie to fill her in on everything, even though Marjorie thinks 10pm is the middle of the night. As she talks, she gets calls from Shannon, whose mom Jolene (Rondi Reed) tries stealing her money and Jill, who says she is marrying Andy.(Will Sasso)

She tries to pay attention to everyone, but upsets Jill, who decides to call Tammy, while Shannon’s mom Jolene attacks her and she hangs up on Marjorie after a rousing game of putting people on hold.

At the oncologist, Bonnie checks on Shannon and tells her to come to a meeting. Adam loves how she is caring about everyone, including the fish in a dirty tank.

On the way to the wedding, Bonnie and Adam discuss his test results and how they will handle everything. Adam is happy Bonnie is being so supportive.

A horn honks behind Bonnie, who wants to fight….until Adam tells her to let things go.

Everyone gathers for the big event. Tammy runs into the judge from her trial, while Jolene and Shannon are released into Andy’s custody.

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Wedding time! Jill becomes Mrs. Pepper, thanks to the Justice of the Peace (George Anthony Bell) and says that Andy is Sargent Pepper and his brother is Dr. Pepper. Shannon and Jolene fight during the wedding.

The ladies gather at the meeting, where they all promise to support Bonnie and Adam. They group hug when Jill walks in, saying her honeymoon consisted of microwave burritos, pregnant sex and Andy sleeping. She needed a meeting and they all hug again.

The series ends with Bonnie talking about being a grateful alcoholic and how her life changed by changing her own life. After she sits down, Wendy asks if anyone else would like to share.



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