ICYMI: Mom Recap for 12/3/2020

The episode opens with Jill (Jaime Pressly), Tammy (Kristen Johnston), Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy) and Wendy (Beth Hall) discussing the history of the Burgundy Bistro. Marjorie points out it opened in 1959 and is not as old as they think because they have TV and astronauts.


Bonnie (Allison Janney) and Adam (William Fitchner)come in, looking happy and in love. Adam he says he will see them later, forgetting that only Jill will be there for a double date with her, him, Bonnie and Andy. After he leaves, Bonnie continues to discuss her love. She then asks about Marjorie’s cats, who says three have eye infections. She asks Tammy to pick up the meds, but Tammy is working at Chef Rudy’s food truck.


Wendy wonders how he went from a Michelin star restaurant to a food truck. Tammy said it was drugs, booze and bad decisions. Jill asks about Tammy working with her ex, so Tammy tells her she set ground rules. As she talks, Bonnie gets some lovey dovey texts from Adam.


Jill sets up for dinner, slamming things. Andy slams things as well when Bonnie and Adam arrive, once again happy and in love. They don’t realize Jill and Adam are fighting right away, but once they do, they try to diffuse the situation by joking about testing cholesterol, which is another topic causing tension between Jill and Andy.


Tammy is helping Chef Rudy(French Stewart) and Paul (Reggie De Leon) set up the food truck. She questions the prices, but he gives her an attitude. A customer comes and places an order, but once again, Chef Rudy has an attitude and scares off the customer. Tammy yells at him when they notice more customers coming. Chef Rudy begs her to help and sweetens the deal with money and allowing her to boss Paul around. She finally agrees to help.

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Bonnie and Adam are sitting with Andy and Jill, who continue to fight over movies, football and whether or not he loves her. She storms off and he goes to continue to cook. Bonnie and Adam are tempted to leave, but Bonnie decides to find Jill, but not before she takes some food because it is a big house and it could be hours before she finds her.


Chef Rudy and Tammy continue to run the food truck, but it is a disaster because he is slow and has an attitude, serves warm cola from Paris and she spills food.


Bonnie finally finds Jill, who says she and Andy might break up. She blames Adam and Bonnie for being so in love and says she wants what they have. She admits they have communication issues, siting an example of when she tried talking to him in the shower and he asked to talk when he was done. She took the towels and flushed the toilet.


Bonnie tells Jill about communicating, while Adam does the same thing with Andy. They all exchange war stories about communication and problems they have.


Tammy continues to serve customers while Chef Rudy has a meltdown over his fall of grace. Tammy says she is not going to watch him give up, but he is complaining.


Adam and Andy continue to talk about their relationships and compare it to grilling tri-tips. Andy is a but confused and Adam says he is hungry.


Tammy continues to talk Chef Rudy up and Paul gives them pita bread to serve the chicken. She says this is the way of the future and uses mayo for it. Chef Rudy tells them to call it aioli.

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At dinner, Adam and Bonnie encourage Jill and Andy to communicate. They finally admit they love each other and share their food.


Chef Rudy and Tammy talk about the night’s success and the food, which leads to them having sex and Paul putting in headphones as he cleans up.


The episode ends with Bonnie patting herself on the back for helping fix their relationship when they get a text saying Andy and Jill are on a break. Bonnie hits Adam and asks what he did.



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