Young Sheldon Recap for 11/3/22: An Ugly Car, an Affair and Some Kickass Football

Young Sheldon Recap for 11/3/22: An Ugly Car, an Affair and Some Kickass Football


Young Sheldon Recap for 11/3/22: An Ugly Car, an Affair and Some Kickass Football

The episode opens with Georgie surprising Mandy with a new car. He tells her how it is a good, practical deal and how it brings back memories of his childhood. She jokes that she only liked him for his car and kisses him on the cheek. He likes this, but is told to grow up.


Mandy and Georgie have dinner with the family. Mary thinks it is nice, but Sheldon asks inappropriate questions. George sees nothing wrong with Sheldon’s questions, but Mary doesn’t like them.


Missy tells Mandy she could have twins, but Mandy assures everyone this is not the case. Meanwhile, George gets an important call and leaves. Mary keeps interrogating Mandy about the sex of the baby, baby showers and the like.


Tom and George end up at a hotel, where Wayne is staying. It turns out his wife was having an affair with his best friend…and now she is having the best friend’s baby. Tom and George try to make him feel better, but he wants to be left alone. They try to figure out how to help and George ends up taking him home.


Georgie and Mandy end up at MeeMaw’s. She asks him to come in for ice cream, but he opts to go to work.


The next morning, Sheldon wakes up to see Wayne on the couch. He wants to watch TV so he asks Missy for help. She isn’t sure what to do, so they try to ask Mary and George, only to be told to go away.

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Tom comes by to see Wayne, but he really wants him up and around for the football game. Mary is appalled by this, but George is willing to help out with coaching, despite fighting semantics with Tom.


Later on, George gives Wayne a pep talk about his life. Wayne recognizes it as a previous halftime speech, but George stull thinks it will help.


MeeMaw takes Mandy to the doctor, where it is revealed that Mandy has no insurance. MeeMaw says they will pay cash and reveals a wad of cash hidden in her bra. Mandy is curious about the money, but MeeMaw remains cagey on why she has so much cash.


Missy’s class is about to take a test. The teacher is Wayne’s soon to be ex-wife Darlene, so Missy uses the information she knows to get out of taking the test. This leads to Darlene calling Wayne to chew him out.


Georgie is showing off the video store part of MeeMaw’s business when a cop shows up to question him and MeeMaw. Mandy is suspicious and  begins to ask questions. The truth comes out and she sees dollar signs, as well as her kid going to private school.


George and Wayne meet with the football team to try and give a pep talk. Wayne only breaks down. Later on, he watches TV with Sheldon and Missy, while George worries and Mary assures him it will be fine.


At the football game, it is raining. Wayne still can’t coach, so it is up to George to help. He is offered his job back, but he will only take it if he is working with Wayne. Tom decides it’s a deal.

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Georgie tells Sheldon he got everyone pizza, but Sheldon is worried about leaks in his room. He tells him he will watch the leaks while he eats.


After Sheldon is gone, Mandy comes in and thanks him for everything. Sheldon asks for a progress report and is told to eat more pizza.


The episode ends with Mandy sneaking back into MeeMaw’s the next morning and having an awkward encounter with her.

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