ICYMI: Mom Recap for S’mores and a Sadness Cocoon

ICYMI: Mom Recap for S'mores and a Sadness Cocoon

ICYMI: Mom Recap for S’mores and a Sadness Cocoon

The episode opens with Bonnie (Allison Janney) watching a trashy show that is interrupted by noise outside. She goes to yell at the guys, who are there to fix an issue Bonnie was supposed to have done six years ago. The guys agree to take a break and Bonnie takes a picture of the one in charge, Corey(Asante Jones), saying it is to prove the work got done. He then asks her to ask someone to move an RV and she is too happy to go yell at someone. As she leaves, she takes another picture for her friends.


She goes to yell at the RV guy, only to find out it is Adam (William Fichtner), who borrowed it from a friend.


At the meeting, Jill (Jaime Pressly), Bonnie and Wendy (Beth Hall) are setting up for the meeting when Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy) walks in. They are all gentle with Jill, who is insists she is fine. She adds she has a dentist appointment to look forward to, saying he is like a spaghetti eating teddy bear.


Tammy (Kristen Johnston) comes in, gushing over the RV. Bonnie is not happy with it and complains about how dirty and bad it is, despite Marjorie telling her to give it a chance. Tammy then asks Jill how she is doing and they begin to chat.


At the dentist, Jill talks to Dr. Mekizian (Rob Brownstein) about her break up and he says it is his ‘floss’ and makes her feel better before preparing her smile for the next guy.

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Bonnie and Adam decide to go on a one night road trip, with Bonnie complaining and Adam talking up the RV benefits. She says they can do all the same things at home, but he insists this is better.


Jill goes to pay and get her toothbrush and floss when she notices works being done. Lorena (Melody Batiu) says it is for the new dentist since the current one is retiring. Jill has a meltdown and begs him not to leave when he comes out to see what is happening.


Bonnie and Adam enjoy time outdoors, with Bonnie getting into it when there are s’mores and dirty stories added to the mix. They end up having sex, only to get ticketed by a cop.


As they head home, Bonnie is in a good, sexy mood, until Adam admits he owns the RV. The two begin to argue while Adam drives, causing Bonnie to fall as he turns. She then tells him he can live in the RV, storming into the house with the dog Gus following her.


At the bistro, Jill continues to pout over her dentist leaving while Bonnie is outside yelling on the phone. She comes back in just as Tammy tries to steal her pickle. Bonnie continues to complain, despite the other women giving her ideas to fix the solution. Bonnie even goes as far to  suggest they accidentally set the RV on fire, but not while he is in it.


Bonnie and Adam continue to argue with each other, doing things to make each other mad, such as unplugging power and refusing to move.

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Jill goes to say goodbye to her dentist and share how much he means to her. He says that he appreciates her how she is and they hug it out.


Bonnie discovers the water was shut off and goes to the RV to get coffee and use the bathroom. This leads to Adam admitting he was wrong to buy it without permission, but was afraid she would say no. They talk it out and make up by going to Denny’s. Bonnie offers to pay since she took all his money.


The episode ends with Bonnie showing Jill the RV and accidentally breaking the bed/table…..and Jill’s tooth. However, Jill is thrilled because she can see her dentist one last time.

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