The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for Pineapple Puss

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for Pineapple Puss

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for Pineapple Puss

Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey begins with Jackie planning a Rosh Hashanah meal for her family, while Jennifer talks to her mom and daughter about visiting family in Turkey.

Jennifer’s parents had been fighting a lot as of late, which is why her mom didn’t go. Her daughter Gabriella is acting hormonal, which leads to Jennifer and her mom talking about her own childhood.

However, that conversation is short lived and goes back to her mom talking about the state of her marriage. It turns out that she was in an arranged marriage, which she states she never even wanted. She was then taken to America and away from everything she knew…..and now she is is tired of everything in her life and marriage.

Jackie, Melissa and Margaret meet for lunch and talk about kids, life and families in general. Margaret discusses how she grew up with her mom and how she learned at an early age that good looks and sexuality are how women get ahead. This is why she was so upset when Jennifer shamed her for her past with her former boss.

Melissa talks about how she spent most of her marriage doing what Joe wanted to make him happy.  Now she wants to be able to do more on her own, which in turn upsets Joe. She wants to find some sort of happy medium to make them both happy.

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The topic switches to a psychic party Teresa is throwing and whether or not she has a boyfriend. They think she is involved with something because she seems happier. Melissa knows something, but is sworn to secrecy.

There is also discussion of ‘pineapple,’ which is quite interesting…..just saying.

Delores makes an appointment for her biopsy when Frank comes home to discuss the house flipping. Things have not changed much in the business since COVID, so they are as busy as ever.

The topic switches to the biopsy and how he thinks she should tell her mom. He is worried about her and wonders how David will react, making it clear he doesn’t like certain things about the guy. Delores promises things will be fine.

The ladies prepare for the psychic party and talk to their families about what they are expecting. Melissa is especially curious since she has had experience with getting readings before.  Everyone else is cautiously skeptical.

The psychic arrives at Teresa’s and gives Gia a quick reading, saying her Nonna is out of pain. Everyone else arrives to the house, while Gia leaves to go to a sorority meeting.

There is some chit chat over wine before the psychic gets down to business. There is already tension between Margaret and Jennifer, so there is no way this will end well.

Gina Marie the psychic reaches her ex-father in law, who supports her and loves her.

Michelle, who is a friend of Teresa’s, gets a message from her grandpa, saying he held her baby before she did.

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Delores gets a message from her grandparents, saying to brace herself for something physical and to get herself checked. Her grandmother also questions her relationship won’t work out, but once she is free, she will meet her true love. Her dog Boo is also with them.

Melissa is told her dad is with her and loves her very much. He also acknowledged her son, who just turned thirteen and says one of them will be a state champ. Her energy is also moving in the right direction.

Jackie finds out her grandma is very proud of her and her biggest fan, especially when she picked herself up after she fell down.

Jennifer has several spirit guides, including a family member who was ordained a saint by the Pope. She is also told she needs to tell her mom she supports her.

Teresa’s parents are proud of her and embracing the love and relationship in her life.

Jackie’s family comes over to enjoy a Rosh Hashanah dinner and she tells them  about the psychic. Her family seems skeptical, but she plans to use it to be positive in the Jewish New Year.

Melissa and Joe enjoy dinner together and talk about her life changing and Antonia growing up. He thinks she is amazing and apologizes to her for his behavior.

Jennifer makes food for her family while her daughter Olivia makes slime. Her mom comes over to cook and Jennifer tells her about the psychic. This leads to a huge discussion about her parents’ marriage, . Bill says the ladies should go outside while the men talk inside.

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More next week,  stay tuned.

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