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The Real Housewives of Dallas Recap for The Doctor is Out

The Real Housewives of Dallas Recap for The Doctor is Out

The Real Housewives of Dallas opens with the continuation of last week’s episode, where Tiffany and Brandi were hashing things out regarding how they feel about one another.


Sensing there is still some tension, Kary convinces them all to join hands and jump in the water. Despite the fact that she hates water, Tiffany goes along with it, only because it is Kary’s birthday trip. That turns out to be a mistake because she ends up getting very upset. Kameron, Stephanie, Brandi, D’Andra and Kary check on her, but she refuses to talk. They decide to give her some privacy.


Brandi, Kameron, Kary and Stephanie talk about Tiffany trying to fit in, while D’Andra stays with Tiffany. She finally admits everything hit her at once and that she just wants to be liked. D’Andra convinces her that nobody hates her and she will be fine.


The next morning, the ladies get ready to leave, only to find out Tiffany left early in the morning. Kary wishes she would have stayed so they can talk things out. Brandi wonders if it had anything to do with their talk earlier. D’Andra tells her that she shouldn’t have put her in such an awkward  situation.


The ladies arrive home with Kameron finding out her daughter Hilton made the football team, Kary and Brandi filling their daughters in on the trip and Tiffany disinfecting her stuff from the trip. She fills her husband Daniel in on the trip, while thinking that he let the kids run a muck all weekend.

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Brandi’s husband Bryan comes home and she tells him in on everything, including the awkwardness with Tiffany. He suggests they meet up one on one to talk. He also makes her realize that Tiffany is dealing with a lot in terms of being the new girl on top of being a doctor, so she should put herself in her shoes. He then has her read the letter she wrote to herself while in treatment as a reminder she is worthy of being forgiven.


Meanwhile, Tiffany tells Daniel that her meltdown wasn’t her finest moment, but she feels like an outsider.


Kary and her daughter go to talk to Stephanie about her depression and anxiety. Stephanie talks about her own experiences, which makes Kary and her daughter feel more understood. They then share stories about Kary as a mom, including the time when she confronted her son’s bully.


D’Andra tells Mama Dee about Tiffany’s feelings about feeling left out. Mama Dee thinks the other girls are jealous of her and don’t understand the actual stresses of her job. D’Andra says her shaman is doing a cleanse for the girls, but she isn’t sure how they will react.


Tiffany and Kary get together to talk things out. Kary calls her out on being rude, but Tiffany said she left because she was embarrassed over her behavior.  However, they come to an understanding and start planning a birthday party for Tiffany.


The girls get ready for D’Andra’s event. Everyone wonders what it will be like, but Brandi is still focused on the issue with Tiffany, because of course she is.

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Everyone gets together and the issue with Brandi and Tiffany comes up, as does the fact that Tiffany left without saying goodbye.


More next week, stay tuned!

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