The Bachelorette Finale Recap for 12/22/2020: Who Won Tayshia’s Heart?

Tonight is the season finale for ABC’s The Bachelorette. Last night, we saw Brendan eliminate himself after an overwhelming engagement date and Ben returning to try and win Tayshia’s heart. She is of course left upset and confused over this shocking turn of events.


Ben finally tells Tayshia how he feels and she wonders why he didn’t tell her earlier. He admits he was scared and that it was intense feeling he never felt before. She still feels skeptical and confused, but allows him to come to the rose ceremony. The two of them then share a kiss, which leaves her even more confused.


Ivan and Zac are upset to see Ben at the rose ceremony. They fully expected to see Brendan and wonder what is going on. Tayshia explains everything to them and then asks Ivan to talk. Zac and Ben wonder what is happening and if Tayshia is going to talk to them as well.


Tayshia tells Ivan there weren’t any red flags until they began talking about morals and religion. She decides to send him home before having the rose ceremony. He is shocked and upset over this and says this really stings.


Ben and Zac then get roses.


The next day, she meets up with her family to fill them in on her journey. She then introduces them to Ben. They all seem to get along and even joke about Army vs. Navy. Tayshia and Ben then take turns having heart to hearts with her parents and end the day with racing on scooters.

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Tayshia shares one last kiss with Ben before she sees him again at their last chance date.


Zac then meets Tayshia’s family, where we see more of the same…..bonding, heart to hearts and questions as to if they are ready for marriage. Her family seems to really take to Zac, which is a good sign for him.


The two of them say goodbye one last time until they meet again.


The next day, Tayshia is writing when her dad comes to talk to her about her decision. He wants her to be happy, but hopes she isn’t making the biggest mistake of her life. She knows he meant well, but it ends up leaving her more confused than ever.


Afterward, she has her last date with Zac. They are both nervous because they know that they could be engaged in a few short days. They start off by talking about their possible engagement, which they both agree they are ready for at this point. Then they take dance lessons, which seems to make them more nervous than anything else. However, by the end, they are more relaxed and nail the dance. They look like they are at a prom or wedding at the end of a cheesy rom com.


That night, they have a deep conversation about where they think their life will go and what they hope will happen should they have their happily ever after together. He also talks about the importance of his sobriety and how it keeps him accountable.

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As they say goodbye, they kiss one more time before the final rose ceremony. They both know they are in love and she sees herself getting engaged again now that she has been on this journey.


Tayshia meets with Ben for their final date, but ends up sending him home instead. She admits that she cares about him, but her heart is with someone else. He is heartbroken, but at the end of the day, he wants her to be happy. He thanks her and they hug goodbye.


However, when he is alone, he breaks down, saying he lost a really good thing.


The next morning, Zac and Tayshia get ready for what could possibly be the day they get engaged. As Tayshia gets herself dolled up, Zac picks out her ring with Neil Lane.


Tayshia meets with Chris Harrison before the final rose ceremony/her possible engagement. She admits this is a lot and is a bit emotional. He helps calm her down and hugs her before sending her on her way.


Zac then arrives and they declare their love for each other before becoming officially engaged. They seal the deal with a kiss and him getting the final rose. They then ride off into the sunset in a fake NY taxi.


Congratulations to the happy couple.

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