Young Sheldon Recap for A Roulette Wheel and a Piano Playing Dog

Young Sheldon Recap for A Roulette Wheel and a Piano Playing Dog

Young Sheldon Recap for A Roulette Wheel and a Piano Playing Dog

The episode opens with Adult Sheldon talking about impressing his German classmates, only to see Young Sheldon epically fail and embarrass himself in his class. He is shocked by this turn of events.

Later on, he goes to complain to Mary, who gives him a hot beverage and minor comforting.


Georgie and MeeMaw discuss expanding the cassino since she needs the money for the house. He isn’t sure about this since they are already in a grey area with what they have but he is willing to consider it.


Jim stops by the Cooper house to drop off some of Mandy’s old baby stuff, leading to him and George going to drink beer and watch the game. Missy, who is clipping coupons, tells them to put their beer tops in the proper place and use coasters.


Sheldon goes to talk to his professor, but is told he is way behind them academically. He suggests a tutor (confusing Sheldon) and introduces him to the girl who will be now helping him academically.


MeeMaw continues to convince Georgie to expand the casino, telling him he can get more diapers and even a nanny. Georgie comes around.


Mandy asks Missy to watch CeCe, but Missy must do the food shopping so she can make dinner. The guys, who are watching Price is Right, decide to go and shop as if they are playing the game.

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Sheldon’s tutor arrives and introduces herself to Mary. She goes to get Sheldon and try to get him to see the tutor, but Sheldon wants to go home since he feels dumb.


The  tutor and Sheldon work, leading to her hitting him for getting the answer wrong. They begin to argue, which Mary finds hilarious.


Missy serves dinner and says grace, which George adds to in order to thank him and Jim for buying it. Mandy joins them and says CeCe is fussy. The men say that she was an angel for them at the store, which shows them giving her a Slim Jim to stop crying.

Missy is upset since nobody said thank you, while Georgie remains deep in thought about the casino situation. Mandy asks what’s wrong and he refuses to answer.

The phone rings and it is Audrey telling Jim to come home.


Mandy finally gets Georgie to admit what is wrong and convinces him that the casino expansion is a good idea. He tells MeeMaw the next day and she has another worker show him the ropes. This leads to him telling him about the Dixie mafia. The whole time, he coughs over everything since he has only one lung.


Sheldon’s tutoring session continues, leading to more hitting, complaining and him pretending not to know a Nobel Prize winner who once taught his tutor.


Georgie has nightmares about the Dixie mafia and goes to the kitchen where he finds Missy. They talk about the problems they are facing with money. Missy talks about the price of thing and making ends meet, while Georgie talks about making money.

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Sheldon calls Dr. Linkletter, who tells him to learn how to listen to others and do things he is bad at if he wants to learn. Sheldon tries to argue, which causes Dr. Linkletter to hang up on him.


Missy eats breakfast the next morning and tells George she only made it for herself and now people must pitch in and follow her chore chart. George is not happy over this.


Sheldon goes to class the next day and decides to take Dr. Linkletter’s advice. He thinks that by doing this it makes him the whole package.


The episode ends with Jim coming over with beer, only to get roped into doing chores with George and Georgie finishing cleaning the toilet, saying he can’t touch anything.

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