The Bachelorette Recap for 11/24/2020: Sing For Your Rose

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s The Bachelorette kicks off with a group date. The guys who did not get to be on the last date (Bennett, Ivan, Blake, Riley, Demar Kenny and Zac) will write a song for Tayshia and the winner will get a one on one.


Kenny the boy band dude critiques the other guys, even though Tayshia says she isn’t even putting that much judgement into it. I have to say Ivan’s spoken word was my favorite, but all the guys were pretty entertaining.


Ivan ends up winning and getting the one on one with Tayshia. While he is excited, the other guys wonder how the date will go because he seems quieter than her usual type.


The date consists of them ordering room service, playing games and playing the floor is lava. IT is actually pretty sweet and cute, especially when they begin having a pillow fight. This is actually the perfect kind of date.


Over dinner, which consists of wine, chicken tenders, fries ice cream and other goodies, they discuss growing up biracial, Black Lives Matter and other issues important to them. He also talks about his younger brother, who was in prison and has a daughter who visited him there for the first two years of her life. Ivan says he vows to be a second dad for her and help her and his brother out as much as possible.


He also talks about how his brother faced brutality while in prison, which the conversation getting deeper about what is happening in the world. It is such a wonderful conversation about the impact of police brutality, Black Lives Matter and things they have both faced growing up.

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He gets the rose.


Zac, Kenny, Demar, Bennett, Riley and Blake are on another group date with Tayshia with the clue ‘how far will you go for love?’ Noah gets called out for being greedy and ends up in a bit of a tiff with Bennett.


Becca Kufrin and Sydney from Colton’s season are there to lead the guys through a truth or dare game. The guys are teamed up to do each dare….and tell the truth. The ladies are watching and they are being recorded.


The dares consist of chugging smoothies with gross ingredients, getting Chris Harrison to sign their butts, faking orgasms on a phone and fake propose after eating a habanero pepper. It is….interesting to say the least.


The after party is where the truth portion of the date takes place. Bennett talks about his broken engagement and how he now feels ready for marriage.


Blake also lets his guard down about wanting to finally setting down and how he is friends with his exes because he will never treat people poorly.


The other guys also share how they would make marriage a priority, their fears of getting married and being nervous around her. It is actually quite eye opening and sweet.


The group date rose goes to Zac, who really opened up to her on a new level by discussing his feelings and nerves.


Ben feels upset about not getting much time with Tayshia and wonders where they stand. He decides to take a risk and go to her room to talk. She wonders what he is feeling and he admits his guard is up. She wants him to show up and he says he will, sealing the deal with a kiss. He then surprises her with champagne and strawberries to top off the night.

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Ed also has the same idea, but ends up in Chris Harrison’s room. They end up having a glass of wine together and awkward conversation.


Noah tells Joe the guys are acting like weenies to him and then goes to tattle to Tayshia. He also says people are questioning her integrity, causing her to go off on the guys and telling them to leave if they have a problem with her.  She cancels the rest of the cocktail party and leaves.


The guys are wondering what the heck happened and Noah confesses that he is the one who told her because of how the guys are treating him. Everyone is mad at him and calls him out because most of them lost time with her.


Rose Ceremony:

Ben (Sweet visitor)

Eazy (Where did he go? We barely saw him this week)

Riley (Cutie)

Brendan (Who?)

Bennett (Clark Kent Harvard non-babysitter)

Blake (Cutie with beard and nice eyes)

Demar (killer smile guy)

Spencer (late arriver who almost became a villain)


Final Rose:

Ed (the one in the salmon jacket)



Chasen (Ed’s enemy last week)

Joe (Sexy doctor)

Kenny (Boy band dude)

Jordan (no clue)


More next week, stay tuned.


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