The Bachelorette 16 Recap for 10/13/2020: Clare Meets Her Men

Tonight is the newest season of The Bachelorette, starring Clare Crawley. From the previews, it looks as if she is going to have one heck of a season that is like nothing we have ever seen before. Not only are we dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, but we will also see Clare change the show forever.


Before we get to that, we get to meet Clare and see her journey to get to where we are now, including her being asked to be The Bachelorette, her time on Juan Pablo’s season and what happened during the COVID shutdown. I especially feel bad that she cannot see her mom due to the pandemic since she is in a facility for dementia.


Chris Harrison then calls her to let her know filming is back on. However, she will have to go through testing and luckily it is negative.


Time to meet the men!  They all have to quarantine and get tested, which makes them nervous. We also see them chilling, dancing and doing self care as we get to know them. However, it goes by each guy so fast I have no idea who is who.


Everyone is clear, so they get ready to meet Clare.


For her part, Clare spends time talking to Chris about her expectations and her life during the pandemic. She also talks about how she has changed since Juan Pablo’s season.


Now it is time for Clare to meet her men as they exit the limos.


Ben is an Army Ranger Veteran who does deep breathing with her.


Riley is an attorney who makes lawyer puns.

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Zac C. is ready to get the party started.


Jordan M. admits his heart is racing and says he is a tall drink of water.


Jason is a former pro football player who sports a baby bump.


Ivan tells her she is very beautiful in a language his mom taught him.


Kenny shows up in a dog shirt.



Brendan is excited and nervous.


Mike gives her flip flops.


Jeremy wants to make her laugh.


Blake Molar is a male grooming specialist.


Tyler C shows up with his life in a station wagon.


Bennett shows up in his own Rolls Royce and looks like James Bond.


Blake Moynes promises to share something with her inside.


Chris says he waited 139 days to see her.


AJ wants him to give her a twirl and worries about her first impression.


Joe wears a stethoscope.


Garin is a journalism professor.


Robby is genuine super excited to meet her,


Eazy shows up in a salmon suit and jumps through a your future husband sign.


Jay is in a straight jacket.


Chasen shows up dressed in a knight in shining armor outfit.


Demar is a spin instructor who looks like he jumped out of a plane.


Ed comes in a bubble.


Yosef brings cookies.


Jordan C brings popcorn.


Zack J brings a booty ring?


Brandon said he had to be there when he found out she was the Bachelorette.


Dale is a former football player who says meeting her is a long time coming.


Clare is shaking, thinking she may have met her husband with Dale. For her, it was love at first sight and she thinks she is the one. She tells this to Chris, who says she is the first person who said this,

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More limos!


Page is a chef who says they have both been through a lot.


Tyler S. thinks this journey will be all worth it.


Okay, either that went too fast or there were only two men in that limo.


Clare goes in to talk to the guys and give a toast to the journey ahead. Then they all begin trying to impress her with their life stories.


Her dogs are there too? Will we see them?


It is very obvious she is in love with Dale already. However, she tries to give everyone a fair chance.


AWE! We see her dogs! It is a test to see if they get along and it seems like they all pass.


Joe does origami and one of the other guys says he wants to live in a cabin in the woods. She asks if he plans to murder people there.


Ohhh….Tyler C. has tea on Yosef…..which is that he flirts with girls on Instagram….and he is going to call him out on it?


Yosef denies this and refers to him as Mini McConaughey. He then goes to Clare, who wants to settle the drama with them together. This messes up with one on one time, upsetting the other guys.


The information Tyler says comes out and she makes them talk it out so she can talk to the other guys.


It turns out Blake reached out to her during quarantine, which is against the rules, but it meant the world to her. They share a kiss.

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First impression rose time! It goes to Dale because of course it does.


Rose Ceremony Time! This means everything to me, even if you don’t get a rose, same speech, different episode.


Blake Moynes (rule breaker)

Eazy (Salmon suit dude)

Ben (no clue)

Riley (lawyer pun guy)

Zach J (the one with the booty ring)

Tyler S (the one without the drama)

Joe (origami doctor)

Jason (baby bump guy)

Demar (I don’t recall his entry, but he is a cutie!)

Chasen (knight in shining armor)

Jordan C (popcorn guy)

Blake Monar (the one who followed the rules)

Kenny (dog shirt guy)

Brendan (one who looks like Doctor Who)

Garin (professor dude)

Ed (dude in bubble)

Bennett (James Bond guy)

Zac C (don’t recall him either)

Jay (straight jacket dude)

Brandon (can’t remember him, seems sweet



Final rose tonight….thanks for that obvious information Chris!

Yosef (supposed instagram flirter)



Tyler C (the one who tattled on Yosef)

AJ (cute, awkward dude)

Chris (countdown guy)

Jeremy (don’t recall, seemed nice enough?)

Mike (flip flop guy)

Page (chef)

Robby (no clue, cute though!)


The previews show us more drama from this season. Lots of tears, no no words and anger. Stay tuned!

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