America’s Got Talent Recap for 9/2/2020: Who Is In The Semifinals?

Tonight is the final night of results for the America’s Got Talent Quarterfinals. Five more acts will join the semifinals,  making it one step closer to the finale and the win.


Last night was a tough night because all the acts were so amazing. It is truly anyone’s game at this point.


After a recap, we get down to business. Celina, The Bello Sisters and Resound are in the running for the Dunkin’ Save and then the Judges’ Save.


We get some more behind the scenes stories and then get to more results. Kenadi Dodds and Noah Epps are the first to find out their fates. Kenadi is in, Noah is sent home.


After the Dunkin’ Behind The Scenes, we get to more results. Broken Roots, Alex Hooper and Lightwave Theatre Company are all called to the stage. The act moving on to the next round is Broken Root. They are in shock and Sofia is thrilled.


Brandon Leake, CA Wildcats and Divas and Drummers of Compton are next to find out where they stand. Brandon is in the semifinals!


Duo Transcend and Cam perform together and it is one of the best results show performances we have seen in a long time. I love the aerial and country combination, it is so different and so mesmerizing to watch.


Sofia, Darci Lynne and their puppets do a hilarious ventriloquist lesson. Howie tries to get in on it, but they won’t let him play. I hope they do another act together because they are so cute.

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It is time to find out who won the Dunkin’ Vote. America has voted to keep Celina!


Now the judges must decide whether to keep Resound or the Bello Sisters.


Sofia decides to save the Bello Sisters.


Heidi decides to save Resound.


Howie decides to save the Bello Sisters, sending them to the semifinals!


Semifinals next week with a wildcard act. Stay tuned.

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